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Astrakhan fur Coats, jackets, vests

A stunning and modern luxury fur coat, perfect for pairing with an evening dress or tailored suit. The Astrakhan fur provides a rich and detailed layer of soft and silky material, with a beautiful natural colour and pattern.

It’s natural dark colours provide an entrancing look made even more so by its luxurious fur pattern falling across its body.

A distinctive and bold design combines with beautiful natural Astrakhan Fur create a winter fur coat for women that is fashionable and comfortable all year round. We also design astrakhan coats for men.

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Capsule Collection

Jean Jackets have become ever more popular in contemporary fashion.

We reinforce and enhance the style icon with the luxury mink fur, Russian sable and Nordic fox Fur.

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Chinchilla fur coats, jackets, vest

Chinchilla fur, ever-fashionable symbol of luxury, is one of the most highly valuse and most covetable types of fur. To help you incorporate chinchilla in your wardrobe we at Furcaravan offer you a lineup of pieces that combine timeless elegance with a trendy, contemporary approach.

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Lynx fur Coats, jackets

Premium Canadian Lynx fur gives this jacket a signature touch of elegance and power that will enhance any look you wear it with.

Stunning shades of white with speckles of black spots is a distinctive signifier of lynx fur, one of the most exclusive and luxurious materials in the world, sought-after by all real fur coats designers.

A Lynx fur coat is one of the most exclusive and magnificent women's fur coats you can own, and FUR CARAVAN WORK SHOP takes full advantage of the material. Nowadays, men's lynx fur coats are also becoming more and more fashionable.

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Men's Astrakhan Coats

Astrakhan fur (also known as karakul or caracul) is one of the pelts which have been ubiquitous and popular in menswear. One of the secrets to its manly appeal is the velvety texture of the fur which makes it look less like fur and more like an exquisite fabric. 

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Men's Crocodile Coats and Jackets

Rare, ever covetable and timelessly stylish, crocodile leather is always an elevated addition to men's wardrobe. A staple in menswear, crocodile leather is used for bags, accessories and shoes, Furcaravan reinterprets some of the iconic jacket and luxury coats designs in crocodile leather for an exquisite take on classic looks.

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Men's Lynx fur Coats

A sure way to stand out from a crowd for a man is to opt for a rare and less conventional pelt – lynx is the perfect choice when it comes to warmth, durability and modern elegance.

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Men's Mink fur Coats

Furcaravan is successfully integrating mink fur into the contemporary men’s wardrobe. Mink essentials have been updated with a dynamic edge: in our collections you can find sporty jackets and cosy parkas, stylish knee-length coats and leather-trimmed bomber bomber styles. Coming in a variety of classic hues, these designs can effortlessly uplift your winter edit.

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Men's Python Coats and Jackets

While making luxury coats at Furcaravan, we explore python’s fashion possibilities for men pairing it with some of our exclusive furs or lining it with leather for a sturdy structured look.

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Men's real fur coat collection

The luxury fur coat is a timeless piece that will become a distinctive a stylish staple in mens wardrobe, guaranteeing both extreme comfort and timeless appeal.

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Men's Sable fur Coats

At Furcaravan, we design handcrafted men's luxury real fur coats made with the rare and exclusive Russian sable furs, which are famed for their softness, feather-weight quality and unparalleled warmth. 

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Mink fur Coats, jackets, vests

A Mink Fur garments designed to make you look classy and sophisticated during the day, and luxurious and eye-catching during the night.

A fashion essential, unique for its warmth, comfort, and softness, and made iconic from centuries of use, Mink Fur is the undefeated material for making luxury fur coats, beautiful parkers, and elegant jackets. 

Originally favoured by European Royalty, mink fur has only grown in popularity over recent decades, with iconic movie stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe sporting iconic mink coats and stoles, and the material is still favoured by high end fashion companies today when in comes to women's real fur coatsYou can also find mink fur coats for men

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Sable fur Coats, jackets, vests

Allow layers of shining blue fur to cascade down your shoulder and feel the warmth and comfort of Russian Sable fur protect you from the cold.

A versatile Russian Sable, a famous material when it comes to craft real fur coats, known for its softness, lightness, and exclusivity.

The multi layered effect of the soft to touch and visually entrancing Russian Sable blends together to create a stunning fur coat for women that is perfect for the colder climate, whether worn over an evening dress when attending an event, or with bright sweater and trousers for a casual day’s outfit. 

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Women's astrakhan fur coat collection

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Women's mink fur coat collection

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Women's real fur coat collection

Discover our women's real fur coats, handcrafted with the finest available furs. Furcaravan offers a wide variety of styles in a range of colours, and guarantees luxury fur coats of the highest quality.

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