Astrakhan fur Coats, jackets, vests

A stunning and modern luxury fur coat, perfect for pairing with an evening dress or tailored suit. The Astrakhan fur provides a rich and detailed layer of soft and silky material, with a beautiful natural colour and pattern.

It’s natural dark colours provide an entrancing look made even more so by its luxurious fur pattern falling across its body.

A distinctive and bold design combines with beautiful natural Astrakhan Fur create a winter fur coat for women that is fashionable and comfortable all year round. We also design astrakhan coats for men.

Unique collection of Astrakhan fur coats

Discover the timeless appeal of soft, luxuriant astrakhan fur. The silky, soft astrakhan fur has been featured in the highest-quality and fashion-forward wardrobes for both men and women. Fur Caravan has curated a collection of astrakhan outerwear that offers a beautiful array of pieces. Whether you’re seeking a full-length coat, or a jacket or vest to compliment your wardrobe, our collection offers many beautiful options, including beautiful astrakhan hooded coats and astrakhan parkas  that are both versatile and stylish. Bring a sophisticated touch to your wardrobe with our classic full-length coats. Our hooded jackets offer a more contemporary flair, while still upholding that timeless elegance of fur garments. Fur Caravan is dedicated to offering only the finest quality fur coats to our discerning customers.

How to wear an Astrakhan coat

Peruse our silky soft astrakhan fur collection and find that one particular piece you’ve been seeking, to complete your ensemble. Our collection includes unique and beautiful garments for both men and women. Our astrakhan collection offers a variety of styles and colours, ranging from cropped to long, and from black to vibrant jewel tones. Pairing astrakhan with your wardrobe is effortless, given its flexibility of style and ever-appealing look. For a high-class look, pair a full-length astrakhan coat over your little black dress. Looking for something a bit trendier for a night out on the town? Try pairing a cropped emerald green astrakhan fur jacket with heels and jeans. Or be bold and sport your sneakers with an astrakhan fur vest. Astrakhan fur has a unique ability to seamlessly blend into most outfits and add an elevated sense of style, for both men and women. Your astrakhan fur piece will be a worthy addition to your wardrobe that offers timeless elegance and elevated style.

Astrakhan fur coats and celebrities

Famous celebrities, past and present, regularly don beautiful astrakhan fur coats. Known for being an extremely soft and silky fur, astrakhan has garnered the appreciation of the rich and famous for centuries. Dita Von Teese, and Hamid Karzai have been spotted wearing various styles of astrakhan fur coats and accent pieces. Just as with mink fur coats or sable fur coats, the timeless appeal of astrakhan fur is evident in its long-standing presence on the red carpet, in the cinema and at haute-couture galas around the world. Its unique sheen and weight make astrakhan fur a beautiful accent to any wardrobe, whether being donned by celebrities, or accenting your own outfit and highlighting your distinct taste and style.

What makes Astrakhan fur so unique?

Appreciation of luxuriant, curly astrakhan fur is rooted in its unique soft and silky texture. Thanks to its incredibly soft quality, astrakhan fur is not only used for full-length and coats and jackets, but is also often used as an accent to hats, collars and handbags. The shiny and curly hair of astrakhan fur allows it to fall gracefully across the body when worn. Astrakhan fur is made from the tightly curled pelts of lambs, and its specialty sourcing makes it rarer and more valuable than many furs. We invite you to view our unique collection of beautiful astrakhan fur coats, as well as the rest of our line featuring among others chinchilla coats and lynx fur coats. Fur Caravan is dedicated to responsible fur procurement. Learn more about the ethical provenance of all of our furs at our About page.

How to value an Astrakhan coat

Astrakhan fur is highly valued, partly due to its incredibly silky and soft qualities. To keep your garment in excellent condition for many years, handle it carefully and follow proper care guidelines. To care for your astrakhan fur and maintain its beauty for many seasons, avoid dry cleaning or using chemical products on your garment. Store your coat in a cool, dry place and never brush or comb your coat. Avoid allowing your garment to get wet. We recommend using a professional fur cleaning service to clean your coat once per year, preferably after the cold season when you’re ready to store your garment during the warmer months. 

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Capsule Collection

Jean Jackets have become ever more popular in contemporary fashion.

We reinforce and enhance the style icon with the luxury mink fur, Russian sable and Nordic fox Fur.

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Chinchilla fur coats, jackets, vest

Chinchilla fur, ever-fashionable symbol of luxury, is one of the most highly valuse and most covetable types of fur. To help you incorporate chinchilla in your wardrobe we at Furcaravan offer you a lineup of pieces that combine timeless elegance with a trendy, contemporary approach. Our chinchilla fur coats collection spans elongated coats and breezy vests, hooded jackets and sophisticated capes – here you will have an opportunity to select a piece that does not only work for your next special occasion but also fits your style.

A unique collection of chinchilla fur coats

As for our astrakhan coats collection, the variety of styles available in our chinchilla collection is complemented by a wide range of available colours – to help you make it work in any way, from elevated to everyday. Though classic chinchilla normally comes in black-grey-white hue, we offer designs in less common white, silver-grey and an array of eye-riveting colours like deep-purple, emerald-green, ruby-red, or dusty-blue. Should you be looking for a classic design to layer over your neutral-hued timeless ensembles you will find a fine selection of under-the-knee women's fur coats and cropped jackets in grey, white, silver hues. A full-length chinchilla coat calls for a special occasion – wear it over an ever-stunning black dress on a theatre night. If you are searching for a design that will effortlessly work with your go-to looks we recommend you take a closer look at our chinchilla parkas and vests that can easily elevate your looks.

How to wear a chinchilla coat?

Now, when it comes to chinchilla, one of the most exquisite furs available on the market, one question inevitably arises: how to wear it in a way that is effortless and yet compelling? We are convinced that chinchilla designs can be smoothly integrated into any style and worn on any occasion. While a full-length coat layers captivatingly over special-occasion ensembles, it also wears beautifully over a casual jean-and-sneaker combo. In order to successfully show off your full-length chinchilla coat we recommend that you use your accessories. Think a satin clutch and high heels on a night out or a slouchy tote with oversized sunglasses on a day off.

Similarly, you can play with one of our richly coloured chinchilla jackets or vests. Use it as an attention-riveting pop of colour on a night out throwing it over a column-silhouette evening dress. Then, combine your cropped jacket with a pair of flared jeans and a cowboy boot next day for effortless elegance.

To answer that might bother a lot of fur lovers: yes, it is absolutely acceptable to show off your chinchilla vest or coat with a pair of sneakers. Over the past decade casual footwear has become embedded in luxury fashion – do not hesitate to slip into your favourite flat-soled pair for a dose of casual chic.

Similar rules apply to menswear: chinchilla coats, vests and parkas pair equally well with casual and elevated designs alike, as long as you select the right accessories to highlight your look. They are easier to combine than lynx fur coats for example.

Chinchilla fur coats and celebrities

Whenever you have style doubts about when and how to wear a chinchilla coat, jacket or vest, take sartorial cues from celebrities. Kate Beckinsale, Kris Jenner, Gwyneth Paltrow have been spotted wearing chinchilla coats rocking them on the red carpet and on the street alike. As far as men’s fashion is concerned, turn to hip hop celebrities or athletes: Puff Daddy, Kanye West and Floyd Mayweather alike have showed off their impressive collections of chinchilla fur coats.

What makes Chinchilla fur so unique?

On a par with mink fur and sable fur, chinchilla fur belongs to the highest-valued, most sought-after furs in the fashion world. With chinchilla fur trade dating back to the 16th century, chinchilla fur has always been famous for its exquisite softness and unique density making it not only the an extravagantly compelling but also an extremely warm fur. In chinchillas, each hair follicle sprouts about 60 hairs making their fur the warmest available. The popularity of chinchilla fur, due to its softness, warmth and density has almost led to extinction of chinchillas as a species – currently, it is illegal to use the pelts of wild chinchillas to make coats. With Furcaravan you can rest assured that the fur sourced for your chinchilla design is responsibly and diligently procured (head to our About page to read more about the provenance of our pelts), as well as any other type of pelt used to make the luxury real fur coats you can see in our online boutique.

How to clean and store a Chinchilla coat?

To make sure that your chinchilla design preserves its great looks and quality for many seasons, treat your garment with care. A few essential rules should be observed when it comes to cleaning and storing your chinchilla coat. Most importantly, avoid using chemical products or dry cleaning, store your garment in a cool, dry place. Avoid getting chinchilla fur wet, don’t comb or brush the fur. To maintain your chinchilla coat, clean it once a year – we recommend that you turn to a fur specialist for inspection and cleaning. It is preferable to do so after the colder season and before storing your coat away. 

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Lynx fur Coats, jackets

Premium Canadian Lynx fur gives this jacket a signature touch of elegance and power that will enhance any look you wear it with.

Stunning shades of white with speckles of black spots is a distinctive signifier of lynx fur, one of the most exclusive and luxurious materials in the world, sought-after by all real fur coats designers.

A Lynx fur coat is one of the most exclusive and magnificent women's fur coats you can own, and FUR CARAVAN WORK SHOP takes full advantage of the material. Nowadays, men's lynx fur coats are also becoming more and more fashionable.

Unique Collection of Lynx Fur Coats

Lynx fur coats have held a special place in the fashion spotlight for decades. Lynx fur is among the most valuable, and most expensive furs available today. The unique appearance of lynx fur, with its white base and black spots adds a sense of glamour and drama to a wardrobe. Fur coats made of lynx pelts have been among some of the most desired garments in the world, given its unique and glamourous appearance, and its luxuriant softness. Fur Caravan has curated a beautiful collection of lynx fur pieces, ranging from full-length lynx fur coats to lynx fur jackets, vests and strollers, to compliment your wardrobe. Designed for both men and women, our lynx fur hooded coats and parkas, come in an assortment of styles and lengths. Fur Caravan is proud to continue to time-old fashion iconic tradition of selling beautiful, high-quality lynx fur garments that will seamlessly elevate your style.

How to Wear a Lynx Coat

Lynx fur naturally boasts a glamourous and dramatic appearance. Adding a lynx fur coat, jacket or vest to your ensemble undoubtedly takes any outfit, whether dressed-up or casual, to new style heights. With is beautiful white colour speckled with black spots, your lynx fur garment allows you to have fun whilst exploring different ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Show off a lynx fur and denim jacket with jeans and boots, or top off a little black dress with a shorter lynx fur jacket. Feeling glamourous? Pair your full-length lynx fur coat out to dinner or to the theatre. The timeless look of lynx fur makes it one of the easiest furs to stylishly wear. Peruse our men’s women’s lines of lynx fur full-length coats, vest and jackets to find the perfect piece to complete your wardrobe.

Lynx Fur Coats and Celebrities

For centuries, fur coats have been a symbol of status and luxury, with the likes of sable fur coats or mink fur coats. The unique colour and pattern of lynx fur has made it one of the most desirable and expensive furs in the world. Both male and female celebrities have been spotted wearing beautiful lynx fur pieces in an array of styles. Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian are known for having beautiful lynx fur coats in their wardrobes. Snoop Dogg and Mick Jagger have also been spotted wearing beautiful fur coats. The longer length of lynx fur lends to a more glamourous look of lynx fur garments. Given its long-standing popularity, there is no doubt that lynx fur will be a fashion feature amongst the rich and famous for a long time coming.

What Makes Lynx Fur So Unique?

Lynx fur is one of the most sought-after and exclusive furs around the world. Assembling lynx fur into garments requires a special skill and great talent, given how the pelts are combined to make a beautiful product. One of the most exotic furs available in the industry, lynx has a seductive and dramatic look that many seek to add to their wardrobes. The elasticity and durability of lynx fur pelts make lynx a popular choice as well. Even if a lynx fur piece goes out of style, it can often be re-styled due to its durability. Fur Caravan has created a beautiful collection of timeless pieces, including lynx fur jackets, lynx fur vests and full-length lynx fur coats, creating an assortment of styles to suit all occasions when high style and glamour are in order.

How to Value a Lynx Coat

As well as chinchilla coats or astrakhan coats, Lynx fur garments can remain an elegant staple of your wardrobe for many years, given proper care. It will bring you years of beautiful wear, if you handle it carefully and follow proper care guidelines. Keep your lynx fur coat away from heat and moisture, and avoid dry cleaning or using chemical products on your garment. Store your coat in a cool, dry place and avoid brushing or combing your lynx fur coat. Never store your fur garment in a plastic bag, which may trap moisture and does not allow the garment to breathe. We recommend using a professional fur cleaning service to clean your coat once per year, preferably after the cold season when you’re ready to store your garment during the warmer months. Properly caring for your lynx fur coat will be more than worth the effort, as it will continue to be a beautiful feature of your wardrobe for many years.

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Men's Astrakhan Coats

Astrakhan fur (also known as karakul or caracul) is one of the pelts which have been ubiquitous and popular in menswear. One of the secrets to its manly appeal is the velvety texture of the fur which makes it look less like fur and more like an exquisite fabric. 

Types of astrakhan fur coats for men

In contemporary fashion, astrakhan is as prominent as in the history of politics: just think of the takes on astrakhan and Persian lamb seen during the global fashion weeks, often as touches on collars, or the notorious full-blown Formula One-style driving suit. From full length real fur coats for men to astrakhan jackets for men, with or without hood, you will find the real fur coat that suits you most in Fur Caravan's Astrakhan coats collection. 

Astrakhan fur and men's fashion

Astrakhan fur, typically very dark and shiny, has always been a favorite of monarchs and politicians. One of the most famous propagators of astrakhan was King George V whose beaver-lined overcoat was finished with a sumptuous astrakhan collar – later the coat was inherited and worn by George’s son, the Duke of Windsor. Often used for hats, astrakhan became a signature detail in the looks of Hamid Karzai and Muhammad Ali Jinna, often portrayed in the lustrous astrakhan headgear.

What makes men's astrakhan coats so special?

The distinctive curly, dense fur comes from lamb and is sourced from newborn (or unborn and dead through a miscarriage) lambs. Due to the specificity of its sourcing, the curly fur is rare and valuable. The appeal of astrakhan to haute-couture designers is understandable: not only due to the shiny texture and the its characteristic deep black, rare pristine white or chocolate brown hues of the karakul fur, but also because of its versatility and the many design opportunities it offers. The fur is dense yet streamlined. Furcaravan emphasizes the excellent fashion qualities of astrakhan by offering slim, elegant pieces that look trendy, effortless and undeniably stylish in combination with a simple pair of jeans and a black-tie number alike. Try incorporating your astrakhan number with an all-black look, or team it up with a white shirt and black trousers for an elegant appearance, or show it off with leather accessories for maximum impact. 

Fur Caravan's men's coat collection also includes :

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Men's Crocodile Coats and Jackets

Rare, ever covetable and timelessly stylish, crocodile leather is always an elevated addition to men's wardrobe. A staple in menswear, crocodile leather is used for bags, accessories and shoes, Furcaravan reinterprets some of the iconic jacket and luxury coats designs in crocodile leather for an exquisite take on classic looks.

Types of crocodile coats for men

Tapping into the ongoing association between crocodile leather and uncompromising luxury, Furcaravan offers sharply cut coats and jackets for men in the signature glossy croc finish. A structured collarless jacket in a hip length and finished with sliver-tone details for an attractively edgy look is your one step towards a chic and stylish look for men. Want to go for a bolder, fresher look? Simply opt for a slightly oversized crocodile jacket for men and proceed to wear it over a pair of sharply cut wide-leg trousers. Looking to create a memorable, statement look? Get yourself an elongated crocodile jacket or coat with a classic collar and a button-down front. Crocodile coats for men come in a variety of hues; staying true to our design legacy we offer styles in a range of neutral hues; for a style that goes with everything get yourself a black or a brown crocodile jacket that will beautifully underscore your effortless looks. 

Crocodile leather and men's fashion

A men's crocodile jacket can thus offer a clever spin on an iconic cinematic look – to emulate Marlon Brando’s look in “The Wild One” (but with an elevated finish) layer yours over a classic striped tee and a pair of straight-leg jeans. More recently, you have certainly seen the extravagant purple crocodile coat of Jared Leto (the Joker) in Suicide Squad.

What makes men's crocodile coats so special?

Like python, crocodile leather ages beautifully. Your crocodile jacket or coat is sure to become your go-to piece for s to come with subtle scratches, wrinkles and lines only adding to its charm. Undoubtedly one of the finest leathers you can get, with an exotic and fashionable extra touch.

Fur Caravan's men's coat collection also includes :

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Men's Lynx fur Coats

A sure way to stand out from a crowd for a man is to opt for a rare and less conventional pelt – lynx is the perfect choice when it comes to warmth, durability and modern elegance.

Types of lynx fur coats for men

On Furcaravan, we continuously look for a balance between modern elegance, elevated style, luxury and comfort for men's clothing. Therefore, our lynx pieces for men incorporate current design trends and elevate a contemporary dynamic style. Should you be looking for a luxury coat that answers your daily sartorial needs yet is outstanding – go for a sumptuous leather coat lined with lynx. With its shiny sand-hued lining and the lush voluminous collar, the coat offers a compromise between statement-making exuberance and stylish understatement. Should you want to create a look that is a bit extra – just throw a full-length lynx coat over an all-black outfit. Lynx jackets for men also come in a hip-length design, or finished with leather lining, or incorporated in a parka design – these effortless lynx extraordinary styles are sure to introduce a dose of elegance into your paired-down winter edit.

What makes men's lynx coats so special?

The covetable Canadian and Russian lynx furs are sought-after due to their inimitable silvery hue with characteristic darker spots, long-haired texture, softness and density of pelt. The light tones of the fur lend lynx pieces a dose of special-occasion appeal – stay assured that a lynx coat will easily elevate your look. Apart from its show-stopping looks lynx fur is valued for the warmth, density and comfort it promises. The silvery-brown, spotted Canadian lynx cats spend a lot of their lives in the harsh conditions of Canadian winters. They dense, long and soft fur provides the necessary protection agains the wind and low temperatures. Men's lynx coats, therefore, are valued for their density and tend to be thicker than many other men's fur coats on the market. Even though women are the ones who wear it the most, lynx is also trendy for men and some celebrities like snoop dog have been seen wearing a lynx fur coat on a special occasion. Those who seek to make reliable investment in fur will relish the warmth and durability of lynx for seasons after seasons.

Fur Caravan's men's coat collection also includes :

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Men's Mink fur Coats

Furcaravan is successfully integrating mink fur into the contemporary men’s wardrobe. Mink essentials have been updated with a dynamic edge: in our collections you can find sporty jackets and cosy parkas, stylish knee-length coats and leather-trimmed bomber bomber styles. Coming in a variety of classic hues, these designs can effortlessly uplift your winter edit.

Choose your type of mink fur coat for men

Among the styles of men's fur coats offered by Furcaravan you will easily find the one that works for you. Relying on decades of the exquisite Italian craftsmanship, we have re-worked some of the traditional menswear styles into trendy, sporty pieces; we have updated some of the classical designs to fit into your trend-conscious wardrobe; we have reproduced some of the timeless pieces to lend your look a lasting impact. Some of the key designs in our collection are hooded mink coats to layer over your favorite sweaters on windy days, mink jackets to pair with navy-blue jeans, full-length coats to go along with your suits, mink vests for extra warmth and puffed understated parkas. Our reversible mink coats, vests and parkas will prove to be an excellent choice if practicality is your thing. For some extra impact go for full-length coats and jackets with leather trimmings. Still, our subdued and classic color palette (black, blue, brown, grey...) is easy to combine with your go-to essentials.

Mink fur and men's fashion

When it comes to the issue of men wearing fur, a whiff of sartorial doubt lingers: how fitting is it for a man to wear fur? Is it fitting? To dispense with the doubt once and for all: yes, it is. Very much so. The story of menswear offers quite a few testimonials: from the crazy popularity of the raccoon coat in the 1920s among the Ivy League clique, to the iconic styles of jazz legends Miles Davis and Lee Morgan, to the more recent it-looks of Kanye West, Gucci Mane, Justin Bieber or Drake in one of his many mink fur coats. Clearly, real fur coats are instant attention grabbers – so, take a style note for your next statement-making look.

What makes men's mink coats so special?

Mink fur is – beyond any doubt – the most popular and covetable of pelts. And unsurprisingly so: not only does mink, with its silky texture and universally elegant hues, is stylish, it also promises ultimate comfort and warmth in any climate. Looking at a more practical side of things, though, nothing provides a better protection from the elements than real fur. Mink, with its light weight, silky texture, optimal hair-length and hair density, and a protective layer of dense underfur, proves to be not just a commanding fashion statement, but also an excellent choice for colder days. So, if you are looking for a style that keeps you warm throughout the miserly winter season and is also durable and comfortable, forgo all stereotypes and try a mink style. Look no further than Furcaravan’s mink pieces – not only do we only offer the highest quality of fur and production, we also guarantee that our mink furs have been sourced responsibly and sustainably. As we mostly use ranch-mink pelts, our jackets and coats come in classic black and brown hues.


Fur Caravan's men's coat collection also includes :

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Men's Python Coats and Jackets

While making luxury coats at Furcaravan, we explore python’s fashion possibilities for men pairing it with some of our exclusive furs or lining it with leather for a sturdy structured look.

Types of python coats for men

Sometimes a streamlined, classic python coat is all men need to instantly transform their nonchalant look into a captivatingly fashionable one. With its python designs Furcaravan bridges the gap between statement lushness and elegant wearability: go for a python jacket with a sable collar for a trendy pared down look that wears well with cropped trousers and light-hued jeans alike. Raise your style stakes by donning a calf-long column-silhouette python coat trimmed with leather and finished with an asymmetrical button-up closure – it will lend your look a dose of uncompromising chic. The fans of mink who want to try an unconventional approach to fur will be delighted by the combination of shaved mink and python, a very lucky albeit a very unexpected one. Styling a python piece for men is easy – on Furcaravan we stay true to classic elegance offering a range of timeless and neutral hues that will work effortlessly with your essentials while elevating your casual looks.

Python skin and men's fashion

Python’s fashion legacy in menswear is strong : with its signature riveting pattern, enticing structure and glossy surface, python in fashion is synonymous with a kind of daring rock’n’roll-themed chic. For decades, python has remained a sartorial equivalent of stylish excess in men’s fashion. Unarguably, the python coat in itself is always an arresting style. Just think of all those red-carpet appearances (Chadwick Boseman, most notably) that have been subject of heated discussions in men’s lifestyle magazines. But whether you like it o not, python skin coats are now considered to be among the trendiest men's coats you can find in luxury clothing.

What makes men's python coats so special?

One of the most attractive features of python is the uniqueness of each and every skin – there simply are no two identical patterns. Besides, python ages beautifully with subtle lines and wrinkles adding to its intricate structure. Lastly, python is also a very comfortable and flexible material you will enjoy pairing with a whole range of fabrics and textures.

Fur Caravan's men's coat collection also includes :

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Men's real fur coat collection

The luxury fur coat is a timeless piece that will become a distinctive a stylish staple in mens wardrobe, guaranteeing both extreme comfort and timeless appeal.

Hand-sewn with the finest available furs, Furcaravan’s latest men's coat collection represents what truly is the standard of luxury.

Using the world’s most sought-after materials such as Russian sable, Canadian lynx, Danish mink and Swakara we create comfortable and luxurious pieces for winter weather.

Working in a close collaboration with expert Italian craftsmen, we create the ultimate fashion signature of contemporary masculinity.

Most fashionable furs for men

Contrary to a dated belief, fur coats can be seamlessly integrated into a man’s wardrobe and match perfectly with any luxury item. The variety of styles, lengths, types of fur offered by Furcaravan allows you to select a piece that would emphasise your personal style while elevating it.

If you appreciate understatement look into Furcaravan’s selection of hip-length jackets crafted from shaved fur. Shaved mink will take your effortless looks up a notch while providing comfort and warmth. Should you be looking for sporty styles, make sure to try one of Furcaravan’s parkas trimmed with exquisite mink fur – ultimately comfortable, they will introduce a dose of polished appeal to your casual looks. Those who value subdued luxury will also appreciate the sublime combinations of cashmere and beaver fur, lynx fur and leather, python leather and mink fur when they look for men's coats.

Use your fur coats and jackets to instantly upgrade your special-occasion looks. Throw a knee-length mink coat over your black-tie number to finish your look on a stylish note.

Top Types of Fur in our men's coat collection

Luxurious as it is, natural fur is also an unsurpassed source of warmth and comfort. Different fur types have specific qualities, varying in warmth, density, weight, durability. Animal fur also has the advantage of being naturally water repellent but this can vary from one type of fur to another regarding the quantity of keratin it contains. That being said, Furcaravan’s mens coats promise a well-balanced combination of design, luxury and warmth. Therefore, Furcaravan works mostly with long-haired furs like the long-haired fox fur, or the types with dense underfurs—like beaver, mink and chinchilla. With all the furs sourced responsibly and sustainably, Furcaravan offers classic varieties (think the enduring mink) as well as the rarer Russian sable fur in its mens collection.

If you are looking to bring an ultimately luxurious accent to you wardrobe look into men’s mink fur coats and jackets, chinchilla or men's sable fur coats. Among the three warmest types of fur, the beaver provides the best insulation and is ideal in windy weather, while chinchilla is the most lightweight, and fox the most easy-going, reliably warm and suitable for late autumn and winter alike. Other types of fur coats such as lynx fur coats for men are also becoming more and more fashionable, as well as men's astrakhan coats. To an extent, we could also consider men's python coats and jackets and men's crocodile jackets in this trend since they also are included in the natural and real skin coats and jackets category. Some coats made with rabbit or sheepskin can also be found in some places.

Our different styles of fur coats for men

Furcaravan’s collections answer any sartorial need you might have and offer you the perfect style for any occasion with short, middle length, long coat or overcoat... On our website, you will find sporty and trendy bomber jackets, crafted from high-quality fabrics and Loro Piana’s cashmere, and trimmed or lined with fur. You will find understated parkas, finished with fur and delightfully luxurious in a muted-down way. Should you be looking to warm up inconspicuously, make sure to try out one of our fur vests to take you snugly through the winter. Teaming up with Italy’s finest craftsmen we have also created exquisite knee-long coats, an ideal size for making impact in low temperatures, and sometimes including a fur hood. These furs are water repellent 

Furcaravan, the ultimate luxury in men’s real fur coats

Furcaravan’s does not only stand for exceptional quality of furs and sophisticated craftsmanship it also champions a responsible attitude to fur sourcing and production. Choosing a men's or women's real fur coat we make rather than a faux fur coat or any other mass produced real fur coat is choosing a unique luxury item most people would add to their wishlist. 

Furcaravan’s mink, chinchilla and fox pelts come from Denmark, Norway and Italy and originate from fur farming, with farms operating an open-farm policy. Wild fur like Lynx fur and Sable fur comes from carefully-managed and abundant wild furbearer populations throughout North America and Russia providing a surplus, which can be harvested on an annual basis without negatively impacting the populations.

Furcaravan’s prices adequately represent the sustainable attitude that goes into sourcing fur as well as the time and effort that we invest into producing each of our pieces. Different from mass-produced fur pieces, every hand-sewn coat or jacket in our collection is unique. The quality, fit, durability and style are rooted in a long tradition of fur artisanship. Keep an eye on our special offers to find exclusive coats on sale, and also have a look at our new collections to discover the new coats we regularly add to our website. Prices are set in euros, conversion in GBP varies with the exchange rate. Free return is also available on all our products under certain conditions. 

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Men's Sable fur Coats

At Furcaravan, we design handcrafted men's luxury real fur coats made with the rare and exclusive Russian sable furs, which are famed for their softness, feather-weight quality and unparalleled warmth. 

Types of sable fur coats for men

At Furcaravan, we strive to lend the timeless sable coat a modern contemporary edge, offering sable designs in trendy, contemporary cuts for men. If you are searching for an outstandingly warm design and you are not prepared to compromise either on the quality, or on the looks, explore our offering with its men's jackets crafted from Russian sable. Opt for an uncompromisingly statement-making look and go for a hip-length sable jacket for men teaming it up with a suit or layering it over a cashmere sweater to channel luxurious appeal. Or try a more easy-going, luxuriously subdued look with a python and sable jacket for men – wear it with your favourite jean-and-sneaker ensemble. In any case, the brown fur with its distinctive silvery touches partners easily with your neutral-hued essentials. Don’t hesitate to layer it over black suits and grey trousers.

Sable fur and men's fashion

Sable coats are nowadays among the most sought after fur coats for men, either for day to day clothing or for particular events. Sable collars can also often be found on many types of jackets for men to give an extra touch of luxury and warmness.  Many male celebrities wear russian sable fur coats and after all, it is hardly a coincidence that Russian sable furs historically were among the sartorial must-haves of the Russian aristocracy. 

What makes men's sable coats so special?

The most hankered after fur and the ultimate symbol of luxury is the Russian sable fur. Valued for its rarity and praised for its signature texture, unique color, light weight and the exceptional warmth it provides, Russian sable fur is also one of the most durable furs that can be passed on through generations. The sable furs on Furcaravan come from Russia and CanadaThe Russian varieties share most of their covetable qualities with the more accessible sable furs sourced from Canada. Furcaravan is dedicated to supporting animal welfare and transparency; we are also convinced that the effects of diligent and mindful fur production have a much less damaging effect on the environment than production of faux furs.

Fur Caravan's men's coat collection also includes :

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Mink fur Coats, jackets, vests

A Mink Fur garments designed to make you look classy and sophisticated during the day, and luxurious and eye-catching during the night.

A fashion essential, unique for its warmth, comfort, and softness, and made iconic from centuries of use, Mink Fur is the undefeated material for making luxury fur coats, beautiful parkers, and elegant jackets. 

Originally favoured by European Royalty, mink fur has only grown in popularity over recent decades, with iconic movie stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe sporting iconic mink coats and stoles, and the material is still favoured by high end fashion companies today when in comes to women's real fur coatsYou can also find mink fur coats for men

Unique Collection of Mink Fur Coats

Mink fur is wonderfully lightweight despite its density, making it ideal for soft and comfortable garments. It is such a delight to wear, in fact, that mink fur makes up more than 70% of the current fur market. Considering the elegance and timelessness of mink fur coats and jackets, it is evident as to why mink is so popular. Fur Caravan features a beautiful mink fur collection, ranging from full-length coats to jackets and vests that add class and style to your wardrobe with ease. Exquisitely soft mink fur parkas and hooded coats are also wonderful contemporary additions to our collection, offered in an assortment of colours ranging from the principal shades of grey, brown and black, to more daring colours such as dusty blue and emerald green. Explore the beauty and style of the mink fur coat collection curated by Fur Caravan by perusing our collection, sure to suit even our most discerning clients’ taste.

How to Wear a Mink Coat

Enjoy having fun playing with style, by mixing and matching your mink fur coat or jacket with varying outfits. A cropped mink fur jacket in jade green looks stunning with sleek black pants and heels. Pair a full-length mink coat with your dress slacks, or add an edge to your outfit by donning a mink fur vest with your jeans and tennis shoes. Not only does Fur Caravan offer an array of mink fur garments for women, but Fur Caravan also boasts a gorgeous mink fur line for men as well. Men revel in the warmth and style of mink fur coats and jackets, including reversible jackets and vests, and full-length coats. Pair a contemporary mink fur jacket with casual jeans for a modern yet stylish look, or wear a gorgeous shaved mink fur coat with dress slacks and blouse. The versatility and beauty of mink fur allows for countless ways to incorporate your key piece into your wardrobe for many years to come.

Mink Fur Coats and Celebrities

The mink fur coat is a symbol of class and glamour, and has been such for many decades. As with the ever-trending garments made from sable fur, chinchilla fur or astrakhan fur, coats made from mink fur are regularly worn by famous singers and celebrities. Ultra-famous celebrities Jennifer Aniston and Kanye West love wearing their fur coats and always stylishly pair their select fur garments with gorgeous ensembles. The allure of mink fur keeps it in the forefront of celebrity style. Red carpet events, haute-couture galas and celebrity events will typically feature guests donning mink fur coats, jackets or vests. The shorter hair, extremely soft touch and shiny quality of mink fur combine to make it versatile and desirable. Mink fur has been present and appreciated by the rich and famous for centuries.

What Makes Mink Fur So Unique?

For nearly the last century, mink fur has been a favourite, with its shiny coat and dense underfur, making it incredibly soft and wonderfully lightweight. The unique sheen of mink fur gives garments made of this luxuriant fur a beautiful allure. Mink’s guard hairs provide a beautiful shine and colour to mink fur coats, while its overall short hair length has been desirable in fashion for quite some time. Mink fur is exquisitely soft and dense, making for highly-desired coats and jackets made from this popular pelt. Discover Fur Caravan’s line of mink coats, including mink fur jackets, mink fur vests and the classic full-length mink fur coats, capelets and shawls. Take time to also discover our rare lynx fur coats. Fur Caravan is dedicated to responsible fur procurement. Learn more about the ethical provenance of all of our furs at our About page.

How to Value a Mink Coat

Your mink fur garment will bring you years of beautiful wear, if you care for it properly. To keep your mink fur garment in excellent condition for many years, handle it carefully and follow proper care guidelines. Keep your mink fur coat away from heat and moisture, and avoid dry cleaning or using chemical products on your garment. Store your coat in a cool, dry place. If you need to cover your coat, use preferably a cloth bag – never store your fur garment in a plastic bag, which may trap moisture and does not allow the garment to breathe. We recommend using a professional fur cleaning service to clean your coat once per year, preferably after the cold season when you’re ready to store your garment during the warmer months. Properly caring for your mink fur coat will be more than worth the effort, as it will continue to be a beautiful feature of your wardrobe for many years.

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Sable fur Coats, jackets, vests

Allow layers of shining blue fur to cascade down your shoulder and feel the warmth and comfort of Russian Sable fur protect you from the cold.

A versatile Russian Sable, a famous material when it comes to craft real fur coats, known for its softness, lightness, and exclusivity.

The multi layered effect of the soft to touch and visually entrancing Russian Sable blends together to create a stunning fur coat for women that is perfect for the colder climate, whether worn over an evening dress when attending an event, or with bright sweater and trousers for a casual day’s outfit. 

Unique Collection of Sable Fur Coats

The exquisitely soft and light Russian sable fur stars in Fur Caravan’s carefully curated fur coat collection. The beautiful sheen and silky soft texture of Russian sable fur makes it one of the most exclusive and luxuriant furs available. Royalty has donned coats and trims of the beautiful sable fur for centuries, and today those who desire a touch of glamourous haute couture, seek the finest sable fur garments. The beautiful collection of sable fur coats curated by Fur Caravan features garments ranging from capelets and vests, to full-length sable fur coats. Our collection features fur parkas and hooded coats as well. Our Russian sable fur line comes in an assortment of colours ranging from eye-catching shades of yellow, emerald and pink, to the more traditional colours of rich browns with grey undertones. Discover the exclusive allure of Russian sable fur with the collection curated by Fur Caravan.

How to Wear a Sable Coat

Russian sable fur will remain in fashion for a long time, and if you care for your garment properly, you will be able to enjoy the beauty and luxury of your sable fur coat for years. To keep your sable fur garment in excellent condition, handle it carefully and follow proper care guidelines. Keep your sable fur coat away from heat and moisture, and avoid dry cleaning or using chemical products on your garment. Store your coat in a cool, dry place. If you need to cover your fur coat, use preferably a cloth bag – never store your fur garment in a plastic bag, which may trap moisture and does not allow the garment to breathe. We recommend using a professional fur cleaning service to clean your coat once per year, preferably after the cold season when you’re ready to store your garment during the warmer months. Properly caring for your sable fur coat will be more than worth the effort, as it will continue to be a beautiful feature of your wardrobe for many years.

Sable Fur Coats and Celebrities

One glance at celebrity fashion will reveal just how coveted Russian sable fur is among celebrities around the world. Both male and female celebrities have been spotted wearing gorgeous sable fur coats, in the beautiful and classic brown tones and sometimes in a daring blue or deep emerald green. Czars of Russia were noted to wear royal garments made of the coveted fur, while in modern times, Pippa Middleton has been seen wearing a Russian sable fur accented hat. Russian sable fur possesses a silky softness that creates a sexy and luxurious quality to garments made with this extremely expensive pelt. Russian sable is one of the most expensive furs in the world, and Fur Caravan has carefully selected a collection of sable fur coats for our valued clientele. It is possible for those who are not celebrities to enjoy the exquisite beauty of Russian sable fur coats and other sought after pieces such as lynx fur coats or astrakhan coats. Peruse our collections for men and women and find the right piece for you. 

What Makes Sable Fur So Unique?

There are multiple reasons as to why sable fur is so desirable and unique. High-quality sable fur is even silkier than mink fur, and comes in a gorgeous and unique brown hue with a blue-grey cast. Sable features a dense, soft undercoat and a longer top coat of hair, adding to the softness and beautiful sheen of the fur. The sable is a member of the marten genus, and is found in Russia, but also lives in some parts of China and Japan. The Russian sable furs are the most coveted and also the most expensive furs in the world, due to their exceptional quality and also due to world market demands. Sable fur retains its timelessness and continues to be cherished as part of the most haute couture wardrobes, as well as chinchilla fur, all around the globe.

How to Value a Sable Coat

Sable fur garments can remain a timeless piece of your wardrobe and continue to be exquisite, given proper care. It will bring you years of beautiful wear, if you handle it carefully and follow proper care guidelines. Keep your sable fur coat away from heat and moisture, and avoid dry cleaning or using chemical products on your garment. Store your coat in a cool, dry place and avoid brushing or combing your sable fur coat. Never store your fur garment in a plastic bag, which may trap moisture and does not allow the garment to breathe. We recommend using a professional fur cleaning service to clean your sable fur coat once per year, preferably after the cold season when you’re ready to store your garment during the warmer months. Properly caring for your Russian sable fur coat will be more than worth the effort, as it will continue to be a beautiful feature of your wardrobe for many years.

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Seasonal fur Sale

Special edition of seasonal fur sale, 

We are pleased to offer you a selection of our designer fur coats with discount before the winter season starts.

We offer the women's and men's fur garments elegant and sophisticated, without compromising on the importance of comfort and practicality, made from finest furs such as Russian sable fur, Mink and chinchilla fur.

Contemporary Italian design is guaranteed to enhance your wardrobe and provide a layer of style and prestige over anything you wear.

All our fur coats have international certificate of provenance. All pelts are first purchased during international fur auctions, which usually take place a few times a year. We are supporting animal welfare association and transparency


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Women's real fur coat collection

Discover our women's real fur coats, handcrafted with the finest available furs. Furcaravan offers a wide variety of styles in a range of colours, and guarantees luxury fur coats of the highest quality.

Our signature fur styles for women

Go for a timelessly elegant look with one of Furcaravan’s fur designs. Our fur vests, coats and jackets for women come crafted from the classic and coveted mink and chinchilla, rarer sable and Canadian lynx pelts. On Furcaravan women will surely find a fur design that is easy to incorporate into their personal edit: be it an elongated lush coat from cream-hued sable, to an ever-modern hip-grazing mink jacket, to a coat crafted from cashmere and trimmed with fur – for a dose of dynamic sophistication. We recommend choosing a fur design according to your personal style needs and the occasions you will need your sumptuous pelts for. Choose between cropped jackets for a night out, opt for a denim design trimmed with lynx fur if you are looking for an elevated everyday style. We believe that there is a great fur design for any occasion. You might want to look into our dyed felts if you are looking to introduce more colour into your outerwear edit – our sable fur coats and chinchilla coats come in a variety of rich hues. Should you be looking for an avant-garde take on a well-familiar design, take note of our structured women's mink fur coats. Crafted from tactile, short-hair pelt, the designs of these women's fur coats have a structured finish.

Which furs should women wear for warmth?

For warmth, women should turn to the universally admired and easy-to-style mink coats, the elegant chinchilla pelts and the chic and noble sable and lynx. Mind that lush chinchilla designs are also extremely lightweight, which contributes to their popularity and the sought-after status, but require diligent care. An all-time favourite among fur aficionados is the lynx pelt – with its long hairs and soft finish it is appreciated for its dramatic, eye-riveting look. Trendy and popular among women, lynx pelts are also suited for everyday wear. The silvery and lustrous sable furs are considered to be more appropriate for special-occasion looks, but these long-haired and lightweight women's real fur coats also are extremely warm and comfortable.

Types of fur designs for women on Furcaravan

Among the classic and trendy designs on Furcaravan, you can find elongated fur coats for women, but also parkas, jackets and vests. When choosing a design for warmth, look into sumptuous ankle-grazing mink coats, but also understated parkas lined with fur or sleeveless vests made of mink or chinchilla.

Furcaravan also offers a wide range of fur jackets, varying in length, colour and finish. Crafted from chinchilla, mink, lynx, fox furs, the jackets come with or without hoods, collarless or designed in a high-collar look, allowing you to choose your design according to your taste and needs.

Take note of some of our fashion-forward designs consisting of denim and cashmere coats, jackets and vests trimmed with astrakhan, sable, mink and fox pelts. They can make a high-impact addition to every girl's edit.

The price of women's real fur coats : what to consider

Among the cropped designs available on Furcaravan, you will also find theatrical boleros and ponchos, ideal for your special-occasion repertoire.

Buying from Furcaravan, you are investing into diligently crafted consciously produced pieces that will stay with you over seasons. The value of the materials we use, the thought, time and craftsmanship that go into the production of our furs are reflected in our prices. The real fur coat has always been a luxury item and a status symbol. Times are changing, but nowadays as always, it remains more of a family heirloom, rather than a fast-fashion item. While much can be said about the ethical conundrums of the fur industry, we support ethical sourcing of pelts and conscious production of fur designs. Our exigency is what makes both our men's real fur coats and our women's real fur coats unique products of the highest quality. 

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