Bespoke fur coat manufacturer: the art of fur furrier

The art of creating designer fur clothing

Every Fur Caravan real fur clothing collection is inspired by the senses, whether it’s a distant voyage, a timeless photo, or an era long gone. No design details are spared along this journey into a world of refined elegance and luxury.

The artistry of Fur Caravan fur clothing includes mixing textures by combining real fur with exotic skins like crocodile leather and python leather. Premium quality Loro Piana cashmere and denim are also selected in the creation of women’s designer fur coats and men’s designer fur coats. Every stylistic detail from laser-cut fur to superimposed exotic skin, tells a story unique to Fur Caravan fur coats.

Furrier Fur Caravan collaborates exclusively with generations-old Italian ateliers fur designers for the premium quality of their tailoring and the elegance and comfort of the cut. Each Fur Caravan real fur coat is custom manufactured by hand in 7 working days by 4 highly qualified specialists. The secret behind each bespoke creation is refined savoir-faire.

What to know about bespoke fur coat manufacturing

Fur Caravan is a luxury fur coat manufacturer that supports animal welfare associations and transparency. In creating Fur Caravan bespoke fur coats, premium quality furs purchased at annual fur auctions and European farms enforce strict welfare standards. Hand selected wild furs include mink fur, chinchilla fur, wild Russian sable fur, Canadian lynx fur and fox fur.

Today, fur farming is a process with minimal environmental impact. European fur farms operate an “open farm” policy inviting members of the public to visit farms and observe the welfare standards in place. This dispels any myths surrounding the animals’ care, their conditions, and how the farms are run.

Wild fur is sourced from carefully-managed and abundant wild furbearer populations throughout North America and Russia. This provides a surplus which can be harvested on an annual basis without negatively impacting the animal populations. Federal, state, provincial and territorial governments control the sustainable harvest, which is conducted by licensed trappers using monitored and certified traps during carefully regulated seasons.

Fur Certifications

Fur Caravan provides fur provenance certifications for all women’s and men’s designer bespoke fur coats:

Fur Treatment

During Fur Caravan’s fur coat manufacturing process, the treatment of the fur is essential in ensuring premium quality. The difference in Fur Caravan’s premium light and soft fur is felt with every touch. We choose to work exclusively with Italian manufacturers for their advanced treatment processes resulting in luxury bespoke fur coats that last through time.

Fur Selection

Fur Caravan hand selects the fur used in the design and manufacturing of every custom women’s and men’s fur coat and fur jacket. You can see and feel the difference in our mink fur, chinchilla fur, wild Russian sable fur, Canadian lynx fur and fox fur.

Fur Dying

When custom dying our fur, Fur Caravan ensures a 100% guarantee that the fur color will not fade or bleed with time. Our commitment to quality is clear - from the color of the fur to the craftsmanship of the bespoke fur coat.