Fur Manufacturing

Fur Purchase

All pelts are first purchased during international fur auctions, which usually take place a few times a year. Depending on the type of fur, these auctions occur in different countries, like Denmark or Russia. 

We are supporting animal welfare association and transparency

Farming Furs are: Mink, Chinchilla and Fox pelts comes from Denmark, Norway and Italy.

This European fur farms, with now operate an “open farm” policy inviting members of the public to visit farms to see for themselves the welfare standards in force. This is usually done to dispel any myths surrounding the care the animals receive, the conditions they are brought up in and how the farm in general is run. 

Fur farming today a process that has minimal environmental impact

Wild Furs are: Sable and Lynx pelts comes from Russia and Canada

Wild fur comes from carefully-managed and abundant wild furbearer populations throughout North America and Russia providing a surplus which can be harvested on an annual basis without negatively impacting the populations. Federal, State, Provincial and Territorial governments control this sustainable harvest, which is conducted by licensed trappers using regulated and certified traps during carefully regulated seasons.


Fur Certifications

We provide fur provenance certification for all our fur coats:

Fur Treatment

The treatment is a key step to ensure a premium quality, durable, light and soft fur. Italian manufacturers have developed the most advanced treatment processes, which is why the luxury industry exclusively sources furs from them. 

Fur Selection

For each piece of our women's fur coat and men's fur coat collections, we manually select the lot of furs it will be made of. 

Fur garment Design and Manufacture

We studied in details the fur fabrication and treatment of materials and have visited a great number of fur fabrics in different countries. This led us to collaborate exclusively with Italian fur designers for the quality of their tailoring, the elegance and comfort of the cut, as well the excellent working conditions that they offer. 

Our real fur coats are 100% handmade manufactured, from initial sketches to the final trim.  We need 7working days and 4 highly qualified specialists to produce one fur coat.