Women’s & Men’s designer fur coats

About Fur Caravan

Luxury fur clothing company Fur Caravan believes elegance is a choice. As does its clientele.

Founded in Switzerland in 2008, Fur Caravan was inspired by the noble heritage of custom furriers.

Fur Caravan fur clothing collections define the graciousness, exclusivity and comfort of a privileged lifestyle. Choosing individuality over uniformity, Fur Caravan’s sophisticated international clientele includes royalty, artists, models, the business elite and jet-setters.

Each women’s and men’s designer fur coat and fur jacket are a bespoke creation handmade of the most exclusive furs including mink fur, chinchilla fur, wild Russian sable fur, Canadian lynx fur and fox fur. To wrap yourself in a featherweight Fur Caravan fur coat is an experience in gracefulness.

Undeniably, the wide range of Fur Caravan women’s designer fur coats and men’s designer fur jackets will win your heart while keeping you luxuriously warm. From classic to casual styles including the latest avant-garde fur clothing collections, every premium quality Fur Caravan fur coat can be made-to-measure.

Whether wild or farmed, all hand-selected furs are sourced in accordance with animal welfare associations. Each custom-made real fur coat is skillfully designed and manufactured by hand in the Fur Caravan workshop and is accompanied by a certificate of fur provenance.

Fur Caravan’s Values

Elegance is an expression.
Luxury is a lifestyle.
Style is timeless.
Heritage reflects history.

Elegance, luxury and style compose Fur Caravan’s bespoke collection of real fur clothing including fur jackets, fur vests and fur coats.

Fur Caravan strives to preserve exceptional heritage by using only the best Italian craftsmanship combined with superior natural materials including top quality mink fur, chinchilla fur, wild Russian sable fur, Canadian lynx fur and fox fur.

Company Name

In 1966, Vogue did something extraordinary: a team traveled to Japan in the middle of winter to shoot one of the most epic fashion stories of all time.

The editorial was dedicated to the beauty of real fur coats. While this feature is often credited to Diana Vreeland, the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief at the time, the editor was actually Polly Mellen. One of Mellen’s first assignments for Vogue, she set off on a five-week trip to Japan with supermodel Veruschka and legendary photographer Richard Avedon.

“The Great Fur Caravan. A Fashion Adventure Starring the Girl in the Fabulous Furs Photographed for Vogue in the Strange Secret Snow Country of Japan…” took up 26 pages in the October 1966 issue.

It was dreamy and divine, the type of travel story that Vreeland liked to entertain Vogue readers with. “The eye has to travel” she was famous for saying. The story is rumored to have cost 1 million dollars — equal to 7 million today. But that’s how legends are made.

This luxury fur story struck us with its accuracy in the perception of beauty and style. 50 years have passed since, but these images expressing sensuality, vitality and glamour continue to reflect our vision of the world, and of fashion.

As in this editorial for which the company was named, Fur Caravan is dedicated to beautiful women who are confident in their individuality. Adventurous souls with fire in their eyes and the strong, courageous men who win their hearts.