Astrakhan fur Coats, jackets, vests

A stunning and modern luxury fur coat, perfect for pairing with an evening dress or tailored suit. The Astrakhan fur provides a rich and detailed layer of soft and silky material, with a beautiful natural colour and pattern.

It’s natural dark colours provide an entrancing look made even more so by its luxurious fur pattern falling across its body.

A distinctive and bold design combines with beautiful natural Astrakhan Fur create a winter fur coat for women that is fashionable and comfortable all year round. We also design astrakhan coats for men.

Unique collection of Astrakhan fur coats

Discover the timeless appeal of soft, luxuriant astrakhan fur. The silky, soft astrakhan fur has been featured in the highest-quality and fashion-forward wardrobes for both men and women. Fur Caravan has curated a collection of astrakhan outerwear that offers a beautiful array of pieces. Whether you’re seeking a full-length coat, or a jacket or vest to compliment your wardrobe, our collection offers many beautiful options, including beautiful astrakhan hooded coats and astrakhan parkas  that are both versatile and stylish. Bring a sophisticated touch to your wardrobe with our classic full-length coats. Our hooded jackets offer a more contemporary flair, while still upholding that timeless elegance of fur garments. Fur Caravan is dedicated to offering only the finest quality fur coats to our discerning customers.

How to wear an Astrakhan coat

Peruse our silky soft astrakhan fur collection and find that one particular piece you’ve been seeking, to complete your ensemble. Our collection includes unique and beautiful garments for both men and women. Our astrakhan collection offers a variety of styles and colours, ranging from cropped to long, and from black to vibrant jewel tones. Pairing astrakhan with your wardrobe is effortless, given its flexibility of style and ever-appealing look. For a high-class look, pair a full-length astrakhan coat over your little black dress. Looking for something a bit trendier for a night out on the town? Try pairing a cropped emerald green astrakhan fur jacket with heels and jeans. Or be bold and sport your sneakers with an astrakhan fur vest. Astrakhan fur has a unique ability to seamlessly blend into most outfits and add an elevated sense of style, for both men and women. Your astrakhan fur piece will be a worthy addition to your wardrobe that offers timeless elegance and elevated style.

Astrakhan fur coats and celebrities

Famous celebrities, past and present, regularly don beautiful astrakhan fur coats. Known for being an extremely soft and silky fur, astrakhan has garnered the appreciation of the rich and famous for centuries. Dita Von Teese, and Hamid Karzai have been spotted wearing various styles of astrakhan fur coats and accent pieces. Just as with mink fur coats or sable fur coats, the timeless appeal of astrakhan fur is evident in its long-standing presence on the red carpet, in the cinema and at haute-couture galas around the world. Its unique sheen and weight make astrakhan fur a beautiful accent to any wardrobe, whether being donned by celebrities, or accenting your own outfit and highlighting your distinct taste and style.

What makes Astrakhan fur so unique?

Appreciation of luxuriant, curly astrakhan fur is rooted in its unique soft and silky texture. Thanks to its incredibly soft quality, astrakhan fur is not only used for full-length and coats and jackets, but is also often used as an accent to hats, collars and handbags. The shiny and curly hair of astrakhan fur allows it to fall gracefully across the body when worn. Astrakhan fur is made from the tightly curled pelts of lambs, and its specialty sourcing makes it rarer and more valuable than many furs. We invite you to view our unique collection of beautiful astrakhan fur coats, as well as the rest of our line featuring among others chinchilla coats and lynx fur coats. Fur Caravan is dedicated to responsible fur procurement. Learn more about the ethical provenance of all of our furs at our About page.

How to value an Astrakhan coat

Astrakhan fur is highly valued, partly due to its incredibly silky and soft qualities. To keep your garment in excellent condition for many years, handle it carefully and follow proper care guidelines. To care for your astrakhan fur and maintain its beauty for many seasons, avoid dry cleaning or using chemical products on your garment. Store your coat in a cool, dry place and never brush or comb your coat. Avoid allowing your garment to get wet. We recommend using a professional fur cleaning service to clean your coat once per year, preferably after the cold season when you’re ready to store your garment during the warmer months.