Lynx fur Coats, jackets

Premium Canadian Lynx fur gives this jacket a signature touch of elegance and power that will enhance any look you wear it with.

Stunning shades of white with speckles of black spots is a distinctive signifier of lynx fur, one of the most exclusive and luxurious materials in the world, sought-after by all real fur coats designers.

A Lynx fur coat is one of the most exclusive and magnificent women's fur coats you can own, and FUR CARAVAN WORK SHOP takes full advantage of the material. Nowadays, men's lynx fur coats are also becoming more and more fashionable.

Unique Collection of Lynx Fur Coats

Lynx fur coats have held a special place in the fashion spotlight for decades. Lynx fur is among the most valuable, and most expensive furs available today. The unique appearance of lynx fur, with its white base and black spots adds a sense of glamour and drama to a wardrobe. Fur coats made of lynx pelts have been among some of the most desired garments in the world, given its unique and glamourous appearance, and its luxuriant softness. Fur Caravan has curated a beautiful collection of lynx fur pieces, ranging from full-length lynx fur coats to lynx fur jackets, vests and strollers, to compliment your wardrobe. Designed for both men and women, our lynx fur hooded coats and parkas, come in an assortment of styles and lengths. Fur Caravan is proud to continue to time-old fashion iconic tradition of selling beautiful, high-quality lynx fur garments that will seamlessly elevate your style.

How to Wear a Lynx Coat

Lynx fur naturally boasts a glamourous and dramatic appearance. Adding a lynx fur coat, jacket or vest to your ensemble undoubtedly takes any outfit, whether dressed-up or casual, to new style heights. With is beautiful white colour speckled with black spots, your lynx fur garment allows you to have fun whilst exploring different ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Show off a lynx fur and denim jacket with jeans and boots, or top off a little black dress with a shorter lynx fur jacket. Feeling glamourous? Pair your full-length lynx fur coat out to dinner or to the theatre. The timeless look of lynx fur makes it one of the easiest furs to stylishly wear. Peruse our men’s women’s lines of lynx fur full-length coats, vest and jackets to find the perfect piece to complete your wardrobe.

Lynx Fur Coats and Celebrities

For centuries, fur coats have been a symbol of status and luxury, with the likes of sable fur coats or mink fur coats. The unique colour and pattern of lynx fur has made it one of the most desirable and expensive furs in the world. Both male and female celebrities have been spotted wearing beautiful lynx fur pieces in an array of styles. Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian are known for having beautiful lynx fur coats in their wardrobes. Snoop Dogg and Mick Jagger have also been spotted wearing beautiful fur coats. The longer length of lynx fur lends to a more glamourous look of lynx fur garments. Given its long-standing popularity, there is no doubt that lynx fur will be a fashion feature amongst the rich and famous for a long time coming.

What Makes Lynx Fur So Unique?

Lynx fur is one of the most sought-after and exclusive furs around the world. Assembling lynx fur into garments requires a special skill and great talent, given how the pelts are combined to make a beautiful product. One of the most exotic furs available in the industry, lynx has a seductive and dramatic look that many seek to add to their wardrobes. The elasticity and durability of lynx fur pelts make lynx a popular choice as well. Even if a lynx fur piece goes out of style, it can often be re-styled due to its durability. Fur Caravan has created a beautiful collection of timeless pieces, including lynx fur jackets, lynx fur vests and full-length lynx fur coats, creating an assortment of styles to suit all occasions when high style and glamour are in order.

How to Value a Lynx Coat

As well as chinchilla coats or astrakhan coats, Lynx fur garments can remain an elegant staple of your wardrobe for many years, given proper care. It will bring you years of beautiful wear, if you handle it carefully and follow proper care guidelines. Keep your lynx fur coat away from heat and moisture, and avoid dry cleaning or using chemical products on your garment. Store your coat in a cool, dry place and avoid brushing or combing your lynx fur coat. Never store your fur garment in a plastic bag, which may trap moisture and does not allow the garment to breathe. We recommend using a professional fur cleaning service to clean your coat once per year, preferably after the cold season when you’re ready to store your garment during the warmer months. Properly caring for your lynx fur coat will be more than worth the effort, as it will continue to be a beautiful feature of your wardrobe for many years.