Men's real fur coat collection

The luxury fur coat is a timeless piece that will become a distinctive a stylish staple in mens wardrobe, guaranteeing both extreme comfort and timeless appeal.

Hand-sewn with the finest available furs, Furcaravan’s latest men's coat collection represents what truly is the standard of luxury.

Using the world’s most sought-after materials such as Russian sable, Canadian lynx, Danish mink and Swakara we create comfortable and luxurious pieces for winter weather.

Working in a close collaboration with expert Italian craftsmen, we create the ultimate fashion signature of contemporary masculinity.

Most fashionable furs for men

Contrary to a dated belief, fur coats can be seamlessly integrated into a man’s wardrobe and match perfectly with any luxury item. The variety of styles, lengths, types of fur offered by Furcaravan allows you to select a piece that would emphasise your personal style while elevating it.

If you appreciate understatement look into Furcaravan’s selection of hip-length jackets crafted from shaved fur. Shaved mink will take your effortless looks up a notch while providing comfort and warmth. Should you be looking for sporty styles, make sure to try one of Furcaravan’s parkas trimmed with exquisite mink fur – ultimately comfortable, they will introduce a dose of polished appeal to your casual looks. Those who value subdued luxury will also appreciate the sublime combinations of cashmere and beaver fur, lynx fur and leather, python leather and mink fur when they look for men's coats.

Use your fur coats and jackets to instantly upgrade your special-occasion looks. Throw a knee-length mink coat over your black-tie number to finish your look on a stylish note.

Top Types of Fur in our men's coat collection

Luxurious as it is, natural fur is also an unsurpassed source of warmth and comfort. Different fur types have specific qualities, varying in warmth, density, weight, durability. Animal fur also has the advantage of being naturally water repellent but this can vary from one type of fur to another regarding the quantity of keratin it contains. That being said, Furcaravan’s mens coats promise a well-balanced combination of design, luxury and warmth. Therefore, Furcaravan works mostly with long-haired furs like the long-haired fox fur, or the types with dense underfurs—like beaver, mink and chinchilla. With all the furs sourced responsibly and sustainably, Furcaravan offers classic varieties (think the enduring mink) as well as the rarer Russian sable fur in its mens collection.

If you are looking to bring an ultimately luxurious accent to you wardrobe look into men’s mink fur coats and jackets, chinchilla or men's sable fur coats. Among the three warmest types of fur, the beaver provides the best insulation and is ideal in windy weather, while chinchilla is the most lightweight, and fox the most easy-going, reliably warm and suitable for late autumn and winter alike. Other types of fur coats such as lynx fur coats for men are also becoming more and more fashionable, as well as men's astrakhan coats. To an extent, we could also consider men's python coats and jackets and men's crocodile jackets in this trend since they also are included in the natural and real skin coats and jackets category. Some coats made with rabbit or sheepskin can also be found in some places.

Our different styles of fur coats for men

Furcaravan’s collections answer any sartorial need you might have and offer you the perfect style for any occasion with short, middle length, long coat or overcoat... On our website, you will find sporty and trendy bomber jackets, crafted from high-quality fabrics and Loro Piana’s cashmere, and trimmed or lined with fur. You will find understated parkas, finished with fur and delightfully luxurious in a muted-down way. Should you be looking to warm up inconspicuously, make sure to try out one of our fur vests to take you snugly through the winter. Teaming up with Italy’s finest craftsmen we have also created exquisite knee-long coats, an ideal size for making impact in low temperatures, and sometimes including a fur hood. These furs are water repellent 

Furcaravan, the ultimate luxury in men’s real fur coats

Furcaravan’s does not only stand for exceptional quality of furs and sophisticated craftsmanship it also champions a responsible attitude to fur sourcing and production. Choosing a men's or women's real fur coat we make rather than a faux fur coat or any other mass produced real fur coat is choosing a unique luxury item most people would add to their wishlist. 

Furcaravan’s mink, chinchilla and fox pelts come from Denmark, Norway and Italy and originate from fur farming, with farms operating an open-farm policy. Wild fur like Lynx fur and Sable fur comes from carefully-managed and abundant wild furbearer populations throughout North America and Russia providing a surplus, which can be harvested on an annual basis without negatively impacting the populations.

Furcaravan’s prices adequately represent the sustainable attitude that goes into sourcing fur as well as the time and effort that we invest into producing each of our pieces. Different from mass-produced fur pieces, every hand-sewn coat or jacket in our collection is unique. The quality, fit, durability and style are rooted in a long tradition of fur artisanship. Keep an eye on our special offers to find exclusive coats on sale, and also have a look at our new collections to discover the new coats we regularly add to our website. Prices are set in euros, conversion in GBP varies with the exchange rate. Free return is also available on all our products under certain conditions.