Men's Sable fur Coats

At Furcaravan, we design handcrafted men's luxury real fur coats made with the rare and exclusive Russian sable furs, which are famed for their softness, feather-weight quality and unparalleled warmth. 

Types of sable fur coats for men

At Furcaravan, we strive to lend the timeless sable coat a modern contemporary edge, offering sable designs in trendy, contemporary cuts for men. If you are searching for an outstandingly warm design and you are not prepared to compromise either on the quality, or on the looks, explore our offering with its men's jackets crafted from Russian sable. Opt for an uncompromisingly statement-making look and go for a hip-length sable jacket for men teaming it up with a suit or layering it over a cashmere sweater to channel luxurious appeal. Or try a more easy-going, luxuriously subdued look with a python and sable jacket for men – wear it with your favourite jean-and-sneaker ensemble. In any case, the brown fur with its distinctive silvery touches partners easily with your neutral-hued essentials. Don’t hesitate to layer it over black suits and grey trousers.

Sable fur and men's fashion

Sable coats are nowadays among the most sought after fur coats for men, either for day to day clothing or for particular events. Sable collars can also often be found on many types of jackets for men to give an extra touch of luxury and warmness.  Many male celebrities wear russian sable fur coats and after all, it is hardly a coincidence that Russian sable furs historically were among the sartorial must-haves of the Russian aristocracy. 

What makes men's sable coats so special?

The most hankered after fur and the ultimate symbol of luxury is the Russian sable fur. Valued for its rarity and praised for its signature texture, unique color, light weight and the exceptional warmth it provides, Russian sable fur is also one of the most durable furs that can be passed on through generations. The sable furs on Furcaravan come from Russia and CanadaThe Russian varieties share most of their covetable qualities with the more accessible sable furs sourced from Canada. Furcaravan is dedicated to supporting animal welfare and transparency; we are also convinced that the effects of diligent and mindful fur production have a much less damaging effect on the environment than production of faux furs.

Fur Caravan's men's coat collection also includes :