Men's Lynx fur Coats

A sure way to stand out from a crowd for a man is to opt for a rare and less conventional pelt – lynx is the perfect choice when it comes to warmth, durability and modern elegance.

Types of lynx fur coats for men

On Furcaravan, we continuously look for a balance between modern elegance, elevated style, luxury and comfort for men's clothing. Therefore, our lynx pieces for men incorporate current design trends and elevate a contemporary dynamic style. Should you be looking for a luxury coat that answers your daily sartorial needs yet is outstanding – go for a sumptuous leather coat lined with lynx. With its shiny sand-hued lining and the lush voluminous collar, the coat offers a compromise between statement-making exuberance and stylish understatement. Should you want to create a look that is a bit extra – just throw a full-length lynx coat over an all-black outfit. Lynx jackets for men also come in a hip-length design, or finished with leather lining, or incorporated in a parka design – these effortless lynx extraordinary styles are sure to introduce a dose of elegance into your paired-down winter edit.

What makes men's lynx coats so special?

The covetable Canadian and Russian lynx furs are sought-after due to their inimitable silvery hue with characteristic darker spots, long-haired texture, softness and density of pelt. The light tones of the fur lend lynx pieces a dose of special-occasion appeal – stay assured that a lynx coat will easily elevate your look. Apart from its show-stopping looks lynx fur is valued for the warmth, density and comfort it promises. The silvery-brown, spotted Canadian lynx cats spend a lot of their lives in the harsh conditions of Canadian winters. They dense, long and soft fur provides the necessary protection agains the wind and low temperatures. Men's lynx coats, therefore, are valued for their density and tend to be thicker than many other men's fur coats on the market. Even though women are the ones who wear it the most, lynx is also trendy for men and some celebrities like snoop dog have been seen wearing a lynx fur coat on a special occasion. Those who seek to make reliable investment in fur will relish the warmth and durability of lynx for seasons after seasons.

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