Our chinchilla fur coats collection spans elongated coats and breezy vests, hooded jackets and sophisticated capes – here you will have an opportunity to select a piece that does not only work for your next special occasion but also fits your style.

A unique collection of chinchilla fur coats

As for our astrakhan coats collection, the variety of styles available in our chinchilla collection is complemented by a wide range of available colours – to help you make it work in any way, from elevated to everyday. Though classic chinchilla normally comes in black-grey-white hue, we offer designs in less common white, silver-grey and an array of eye-riveting colours like deep-purple, emerald-green, ruby-red, or dusty-blue. Should you be looking for a classic design to layer over your neutral-hued timeless ensembles you will find a fine selection of under-the-knee women's fur coats and cropped jackets in grey, white, silver hues. A full-length chinchilla coat calls for a special occasion – wear it over an ever-stunning black dress on a theatre night. If you are searching for a design that will effortlessly work with your go-to looks we recommend you take a closer look at our chinchilla parkas and vests that can easily elevate your looks.

How to wear a chinchilla coat?

Now, when it comes to chinchilla, one of the most exquisite furs available on the market, one question inevitably arises: how to wear it in a way that is effortless and yet compelling? We are convinced that chinchilla designs can be smoothly integrated into any style and worn on any occasion. While a full-length coat layers captivatingly over special-occasion ensembles, it also wears beautifully over a casual jean-and-sneaker combo. In order to successfully show off your full-length chinchilla coat we recommend that you use your accessories. Think a satin clutch and high heels on a night out or a slouchy tote with oversized sunglasses on a day off.

Similarly, you can play with one of our richly coloured chinchilla jackets or vests. Use it as an attention-riveting pop of colour on a night out throwing it over a column-silhouette evening dress. Then, combine your cropped jacket with a pair of flared jeans and a cowboy boot next day for effortless elegance.

To answer that might bother a lot of fur lovers: yes, it is absolutely acceptable to show off your chinchilla vest or coat with a pair of sneakers. Over the past decade casual footwear has become embedded in luxury fashion – do not hesitate to slip into your favourite flat-soled pair for a dose of casual chic.

Similar rules apply to menswear: chinchilla coats, vests and parkas pair equally well with casual and elevated designs alike, as long as you select the right accessories to highlight your look. They are easier to combine than lynx fur coats for example.

Chinchilla fur coats and celebrities

Whenever you have style doubts about when and how to wear a chinchilla coat, jacket or vest, take sartorial cues from celebrities. Kate Beckinsale, Kris Jenner, Gwyneth Paltrow have been spotted wearing chinchilla coats rocking them on the red carpet and on the street alike. As far as men’s fashion is concerned, turn to hip hop celebrities or athletes: Puff Daddy, Kanye West and Floyd Mayweather alike have showed off their impressive collections of chinchilla fur coats.

What makes Chinchilla fur so unique?

On a par with mink fur and sable fur, chinchilla fur belongs to the highest-valued, most sought-after furs in the fashion world. With chinchilla fur trade dating back to the 16th century, chinchilla fur has always been famous for its exquisite softness and unique density making it not only the an extravagantly compelling but also an extremely warm fur. In chinchillas, each hair follicle sprouts about 60 hairs making their fur the warmest available. The popularity of chinchilla fur, due to its softness, warmth and density has almost led to extinction of chinchillas as a species – currently, it is illegal to use the pelts of wild chinchillas to make coats. With Furcaravan you can rest assured that the fur sourced for your chinchilla design is responsibly and diligently procured (head to our About page to read more about the provenance of our pelts), as well as any other type of pelt used to make the luxury real fur coats you can see in our online boutique.

How to clean and store a Chinchilla coat?

To make sure that your chinchilla design preserves its great looks and quality for many seasons, treat your garment with care. A few essential rules should be observed when it comes to cleaning and storing your chinchilla coat. Most importantly, avoid using chemical products or dry cleaning, store your garment in a cool, dry place. Avoid getting chinchilla fur wet, don’t comb or brush the fur. To maintain your chinchilla coat, clean it once a year – we recommend that you turn to a fur specialist for inspection and cleaning. It is preferable to do so after the colder season and before storing your coat away.