Men's Astrakhan Coats

Astrakhan fur (also known as karakul or caracul) is one of the pelts which have been ubiquitous and popular in menswear. One of the secrets to its manly appeal is the velvety texture of the fur which makes it look less like fur and more like an exquisite fabric. 

Types of astrakhan fur coats for men

In contemporary fashion, astrakhan is as prominent as in the history of politics: just think of the takes on astrakhan and Persian lamb seen during the global fashion weeks, often as touches on collars, or the notorious full-blown Formula One-style driving suit. From full length real fur coats for men to astrakhan jackets for men, with or without hood, you will find the real fur coat that suits you most in Fur Caravan's Astrakhan coats collection. 

Astrakhan fur and men's fashion

Astrakhan fur, typically very dark and shiny, has always been a favorite of monarchs and politicians. One of the most famous propagators of astrakhan was King George V whose beaver-lined overcoat was finished with a sumptuous astrakhan collar – later the coat was inherited and worn by George’s son, the Duke of Windsor. Often used for hats, astrakhan became a signature detail in the looks of Hamid Karzai and Muhammad Ali Jinna, often portrayed in the lustrous astrakhan headgear.

What makes men's astrakhan coats so special?

The distinctive curly, dense fur comes from lamb and is sourced from newborn (or unborn and dead through a miscarriage) lambs. Due to the specificity of its sourcing, the curly fur is rare and valuable. The appeal of astrakhan to haute-couture designers is understandable: not only due to the shiny texture and the its characteristic deep black, rare pristine white or chocolate brown hues of the karakul fur, but also because of its versatility and the many design opportunities it offers. The fur is dense yet streamlined. Furcaravan emphasizes the excellent fashion qualities of astrakhan by offering slim, elegant pieces that look trendy, effortless and undeniably stylish in combination with a simple pair of jeans and a black-tie number alike. Try incorporating your astrakhan number with an all-black look, or team it up with a white shirt and black trousers for an elegant appearance, or show it off with leather accessories for maximum impact. 

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