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All about python skin

Snakeskin is among the most common leather types used in the fashion industry. A lot of brands use it for designing and producing anything and everything from coats, bags, shoes,...

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All about crocodile skin

Interest in crocodile skin goes way back to the 1800s when trading of the product gained traction in places such as the Caribbean, Mexico and in North America, where the...

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Celebrities wearing real fur

Fur coats are very popular in the entertainment and fashion industries. A lot of celebrities, influencers, and popular people have been seen wearing a fur piece or two. Wearing fur...

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How to make a real fur coat ?

Fur coats offer warmth, comfort, and sophistication unparalleled by any other material. It is a fashion essential that combines both form and function in the most sophisticated way. The longstanding...

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How to wear a fur coat ?

There was a time when furs were considered a status symbol. Beloved by the nobility, its use for clothing was even regulated furs from lynx, leopard, panther, and gray squirrel...

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How to rehydrate a fur coat ?

Sometimes the inevitable happens—a fur coat dries out. While uncommon, this can definitely happen. This usually occurs if the fur coat has been around for quite some time and has...

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What is the Most Expensive Fur?

Fur is known around the world for being highly prized and also extremely expensive, due to its provenance and desirability. So, what is the most expensive fur ? Top 3...

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All about Dior fur coats

The Luxury World of Dior Since the 20th century, the Christian Dior label has been synonymous with the concept of luxury furs. The Christian Dior design house is widely known...

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