Luxury real fur coats

Fashion returns to natural materials
that are worn by generations

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Luxury real fur coats

Show room in Fairmont hotel Geneva

Men's fur collection

Our fur coats are 100% handmade manufactured, from initial sketches to the final trim

Capsule jeans and fur collection

Whether vintage or modern, the rarity of the design fur garments makes them feel truly unique

Meaning you can put them into your own style and fill them

with so much personality and



We care about using the best quality fur

We hand-select the furs used in the design and manufacturing of every custom model. You can see and feel the difference in our real fur coats


We care about protecting wild nature

We provides fur provenance certifications for all women’s and men’s designer fur coats

I love this brand! I bought an amazing Zibellin fur, great model, colour, quality and prices! Gave them my measures an quickly received my fur in Italy. Just perfect! What else ?

Knowledgeable girls and wonderful collection this year! Don't forget to stop by their show-room in Geneva.

Love fur caravan - they have the best items, at unbeatable prices.

Best quality, the jacket is so beautiful. Fast delivery, I'd like to buy again in this shop. Thank you!

Thank you Fur Caravan for my beautiful coat! I'm so happy, can't wait for the winter! Looking forward to seeing you again and discovering your new collection!

I bought a beautiful short sable coat with hood from you... The two of us discussed some fine-tuning adjustments ... and now it's perfect.


We care about our clients' comfort

We can organize an appointment for a private fitting session with a selection of bespoke fur coats to suit your individual taste and style