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Luxury real fur coats

Our collections of real fur coats, jackets and vests

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Our fur coats are 100% handmade manufactured, from initial sketches to the final trim

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Whether vintage or modern, the rarity of the design fur garments makes them feel truly unique

Meaning you can put them into your own style and fill them

with so much personality and



We care about using the best quality fur

We hand-select the furs used in the design and manufacturing of every custom model. You can see and feel the difference in our real fur coats


We care about protecting wild nature

We provides fur provenance certifications for all women’s and men’s designer fur coats

I love this brand! I bought an amazing Zibellin fur, great model, colour, quality and prices! Gave them my measures an quickly received my fur in Italy. Just perfect! What else ?

Knowledgeable girls and wonderful collection this year! Don't forget to stop by their show-room in Geneva.

Love fur caravan - they have the best items, at unbeatable prices.

Best quality, the jacket is so beautiful. Fast delivery, I'd like to buy again in this shop. Thank you!

Thank you Fur Caravan for my beautiful coat! I'm so happy, can't wait for the winter! Looking forward to seeing you again and discovering your new collection!

I bought a beautiful short sable coat with hood from you... The two of us discussed some fine-tuning adjustments ... and now it's perfect.


We care about our clients' comfort

We can organize an appointment for a private fitting session with a selection of bespoke fur coats to suit your individual taste and style

The history of real fur coats

The luxurious appeal of fur has withstood the test of time, hearkening back to the era of ancient Egypt when only kings and high priests were permitted to don the pelts of chinchilla or mink. For thousands of years, fur has been worn as a symbol of power, wealth and luxury. In Europe, as early as the 11th century, fur was worn by royalty as a symbol of social status and affluence. Throughout the last few centuries, the production and wearing of fur has become a veritable symbol of high fashion and luxury. New advancements in production methods and forward-thinking fashion design houses around the globe have brought fur to a new level in vogue fashion. No longer is fur relegated to only the nobles…

Today, those seeking to add luxury, beauty and fashion to their wardrobes have the ability to enjoy the extravagance of fur jackets, vests and hats in a range of gorgeous styles. Centuries of skilled craftsmanship and design have allowed the fur clothing industry to maintain its pivotal role in the luxury clothing sector, while also providing the innovation necessary to push fur clothing design to new heights, as seen in many of today’s beautiful fur pieces

Enjoy the luxury and variety fur has to offer

Long gone are the days of wearing fur as a means to simply keep warm. Those who appreciate real fur have the opportunity now to experience the beauty and indulgence of fur year-round and in all types of settings.

Ranging from the dense yet lightweight mink to the silky soft sable, furs offer a great range of flexibility for wearing throughout the seasons and in different settings. Experience the beauty of pairing an exquisitely soft and supple astrakhan coat with an evening trouser ensemble, or enjoy the ultimate warmth and softness of the iconic cropped chinchilla fur coat for a modern, urban look. The unique and highly sought-after lynx fur coat creates a dramatic twist for any ensemble, providing that classic, glamourous look in winter that has been appreciated for hundreds of years.

Whether enjoying a brisk day in the countryside or an elegant evening outing in the city, there is undoubtedly a beautiful and unique fur piece that will provide the perfect touch for your look. Pair your mink fur coat with some jeans and get out and about town, or take your evening dress ensemble to the next level by donning your gorgeous full-length Russian sable fur coat. Today’s craftsmanship and range of styles of fur pieces make it possible to skillfully add a touch of luxury to any outfit. Explore the true beauty and style real fur has to offer.

Why choose our luxury fur coats?

Discover the luxury and quality of Fur Caravan’s line of men's fur coats and women's fur coats. Known for insisting upon sustainable resources for fur, highly-skilled craftsmanship and for providing ultimate luxury products, Fur Caravan is a popular destination for those seeking only the best that real fur has to offer. Hand-sewn, meticulously fashioned and with only the softest, highest-quality furs, Fur Caravan’s real fur coats, jackets and vests are in high demand around the globe.

Peruse our selection of fur pieces for men and women, and discover the luxury and excitement of wearing real fur. Explore our variety of furs in different styles and colours, and enjoy how easy it is to combine your piece with different outfits to create new, gorgeous ensembles. Fur Caravan offers a range of styles, including modern parkas, stylish vests for a more casual look, bomber jackets, and luxury fur coats both lined and reversible… our selection is extraordinary. Pick your favourite piece, choose your mood and create a true statement of luxury and style with your new fur coat, fur jacket or fur vest, made with skilled craftsmanship by our artisans here at Fur Caravan.