Men's Python Coats and Jackets

While making luxury coats at Furcaravan, we explore python’s fashion possibilities for men pairing it with some of our exclusive furs or lining it with leather for a sturdy structured look.

Types of python coats for men

Sometimes a streamlined, classic python coat is all men need to instantly transform their nonchalant look into a captivatingly fashionable one. With its python designs Furcaravan bridges the gap between statement lushness and elegant wearability: go for a python jacket with a sable collar for a trendy pared down look that wears well with cropped trousers and light-hued jeans alike. Raise your style stakes by donning a calf-long column-silhouette python coat trimmed with leather and finished with an asymmetrical button-up closure – it will lend your look a dose of uncompromising chic. The fans of mink who want to try an unconventional approach to fur will be delighted by the combination of shaved mink and python, a very lucky albeit a very unexpected one. Styling a python piece for men is easy – on Furcaravan we stay true to classic elegance offering a range of timeless and neutral hues that will work effortlessly with your essentials while elevating your casual looks.

Python skin and men's fashion

Python’s fashion legacy in menswear is strong : with its signature riveting pattern, enticing structure and glossy surface, python in fashion is synonymous with a kind of daring rock’n’roll-themed chic. For decades, python has remained a sartorial equivalent of stylish excess in men’s fashion. Unarguably, the python coat in itself is always an arresting style. Just think of all those red-carpet appearances (Chadwick Boseman, most notably) that have been subject of heated discussions in men’s lifestyle magazines. But whether you like it o not, python skin coats are now considered to be among the trendiest men's coats you can find in luxury clothing.

What makes men's python coats so special?

One of the most attractive features of python is the uniqueness of each and every skin – there simply are no two identical patterns. Besides, python ages beautifully with subtle lines and wrinkles adding to its intricate structure. Lastly, python is also a very comfortable and flexible material you will enjoy pairing with a whole range of fabrics and textures.

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