Choose your type of mink fur coat for men

Among the styles of men's fur coats offered by Furcaravan you will easily find the one that works for you. Relying on decades of the exquisite Italian craftsmanship, we have re-worked some of the traditional menswear styles into trendy, sporty pieces; we have updated some of the classical designs to fit into your trend-conscious wardrobe; we have reproduced some of the timeless pieces to lend your look a lasting impact. Some of the key designs in our collection are hooded mink coats to layer over your favorite sweaters on windy days, mink jackets to pair with navy-blue jeans, full-length coats to go along with your suits, mink vests for extra warmth and puffed understated parkas. Our reversible mink coats, vests and parkas will prove to be an excellent choice if practicality is your thing. For some extra impact go for full-length coats and jackets with leather trimmings. Still, our subdued and classic color palette (black, blue, brown, grey...) is easy to combine with your go-to essentials.

Mink fur and men's fashion

When it comes to the issue of men wearing fur, a whiff of sartorial doubt lingers: how fitting is it for a man to wear fur? Is it fitting? To dispense with the doubt once and for all: yes, it is. Very much so. The story of menswear offers quite a few testimonials: from the crazy popularity of the raccoon coat in the 1920s among the Ivy League clique, to the iconic styles of jazz legends Miles Davis and Lee Morgan, to the more recent it-looks of Kanye West, Gucci Mane, Justin Bieber or Drake in one of his many mink fur coats. Clearly, real fur coats are instant attention grabbers – so, take a style note for your next statement-making look.

What makes men's mink coats so special?

Mink fur is – beyond any doubt – the most popular and covetable of pelts. And unsurprisingly so: not only does mink, with its silky texture and universally elegant hues, is stylish, it also promises ultimate comfort and warmth in any climate. Looking at a more practical side of things, though, nothing provides a better protection from the elements than real fur. Mink, with its light weight, silky texture, optimal hair-length and hair density, and a protective layer of dense underfur, proves to be not just a commanding fashion statement, but also an excellent choice for colder days. So, if you are looking for a style that keeps you warm throughout the miserly winter season and is also durable and comfortable, forgo all stereotypes and try a mink style. Look no further than Furcaravan’s mink pieces – not only do we only offer the highest quality of fur and production, we also guarantee that our mink furs have been sourced responsibly and sustainably. As we mostly use ranch-mink pelts, our jackets and coats come in classic black and brown hues.


Fur Caravan's men's coat collection also includes :