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Fur Caravan was founded in 2008 in Switzerland. Since then, we successfully grew our customer base, and expanded in the European and Swiss markets.

We are designers, producers and intermediaries of leading Italian manufacturers, and exclusively propose luxury fur coats.

Our Values
Life is a way
Beauty is a travel
Objects surrounding us are history
Clothes are a part of us

Nothing in the world communicates luxury and style the way Fur does. Fur Caravan has created its own vision of Fur fashion to bring elegantly cool, dynamic, sporty and relaxed femininity in everyday life.

We strive to preserve the tremendous Heritage of the best Italian designers and craftsmanship, and combine them with the excellence of natural materials.

Our Collection

We created our Collection for people who love expressing themselves through their clothing, enjoy exclusivity and comfort, while considering Fur as a statement of style and individuality. It presents a very wide choice of premium quality fur coats, in either classical or more casual styles.

Company Name

In 1966, Vogue did something extraordinary: a team traveled to Japan in the middle of winter to shoot perhaps the most epic fashion story of all times. 

The editorial was dedicated to the beauty of furs. This editorial is often credited to Diana Vreeland, who was the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief at the time, but actually the editor on this story was Polly Mellen. It was one of her first assignments for Vogue and she set about on the five-week trip to Japan with supermodel Veruschka and legendary photographer Richard Avedon.

The Great Fur Caravan. A Fashion Adventure Starring the Girl in the Fabulous Furs Photographed for Vogue in the Strange Secret Snow Country of Japan…” took up a whopping 26 pages in the October 1966 issue. 

It was dreamy and fantastical, and the type of travel story that Vreeland liked to entertain Vogue readers with. “The eye has to travel” she famously said. The story is rumored to have cost $1 million dollars back in the day — that would be equal to $7 million today. But that’s how legends are made.

This story has struck us with the accuracy of perception of beauty and style. 50 years have passed since then, but these pictures, their sensuality, their freshness their absolute glamour completely reflect our vision of the world and fashion.

We wish that there were more beautiful women, confident in their individuality, with fire in their eyes and adventurer souls accompanied by strong, courageous men winning their hearts.


Our exhibitions and sales are hosted in world-famous 5-star hotels, mostly located in luxury skiing resorts in Switzerland, France and Austria. The complete list of our exhibition places is available here


Our Collection is available in a few boutiques located in Geneva and Gstaad (Switzerland). 


We are collaborating with many renowned  brands and are always open to further expand our partnerships to create exceptional events.



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