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All about Dior fur coats

The Luxury World of Dior

Since the 20th century, the Christian Dior label has been synonymous with the concept of luxury furs. The Christian Dior design house is widely known for using innovative styles and for incorporating bold colours and new techniques into the luxury fur articles created. Within Dior’s collection, you will find sable fur in blue or chinchilla fur in green, creating a beautiful selection of unique pieces that not only offer an exquisite softness, but also bring an exciting new touch to classic designs. The real fur coat collection found at Fur Caravan boasts these same concepts, incorporating both innovation and modern production techniques into each fur article.

Explore the collection of fur vests, coats and jackets for men and women offered by Fur Caravan and find an incredible selection of classic and modern pieces. Whether you seek a traditional fur coat in natural tones, or a fun twist on the original in vibrant hues of green, blue or red, you will find many pleasing options within our line of fur coats. Embrace luxury and class, whether you are dressing for a glamorous night on the town, or incorporating modern and chic fashion into your everyday wardrobe. Find incredibly chic and classic pieces for all occasions within our collection.

An Innovative Approach to Design

Fame and appreciation aren’t gained without taking risks. In the world of fashion, risk-taking can result in ground-breaking new designs coveted around the globe, that result in customers clamouring for a piece of the designer’s collection. This is certainly the case with Christian Dior, in particular with the designer’s line of fur articles. A thoughtful and edgy approach has been taken by Dior’s artisans, resulting in unique and exquisite garments. Take for example, the technique of stitching together many strips of mink fur, in order to create a beautiful look, but also to allow for a soft and graceful fall and movement of the garment when worn.

As found in the fur coat collection at Fur Caravan, Christian Dior’s fur coats offer both natural and vibrant hues, traditional and modern styles, for men and women. Each piece embodies style, luxury and power. Captivating design and impeccable craftsmanship are a part of the entire collection at Fur Caravan.

Global Sourcing of Materials

One look at a fur garment from Christian Dior and it is evident that only the highest-quality materials were used in its construction. Dior uses materials sourced from around the world, imbuing a sensuality and quality that have become synonymous with the Christian Dior design house’s pieces. The finest furs and most supple and luxurious leathers are artfully woven into Dior pieces.

The fashion powerhouse also places a high importance on ethics and sustainability, when it comes to sourcing furs and leathers. When donning a Christian Dior piece, one can revel in the exclusive luxury and craftsmanship embodied by Dior artisans, but also in the knowledge of supporting sustainably procured materials.

At Fur Caravan, this same high standard of sustainability and ethics is practiced when procuring our furs and leathers. Fur Caravan is proud to craft one-of-a-kind designs of the highest quality materials, using both coveted traditional and innovative fabrication techniques. Pairing exquisite craftsmanship with luxurious materials is a part of the creation of each of our coats.

A Delight for the Senses

As with Christian Dior, the collection of fur coats offered by Fur Caravan maintains a timeless appeal. The classic luxury of real fur continues to maintain its astounding popularity around the world, for obvious reasons. Fashion designers such as Christian Dior continue to explore new and innovative styles and fabrication techniques, whilst also honouring the skilled craftsmanship that has served as an essential and pivotal piece in the world of fur clothing design for decades.

Nothing compares to the look and feel of pure fur. Time and again, designers around the world have proven the timelessness of fur, by continually finding new ways to incorporate fur into their beautiful pieces. Peruse Fur Caravan’s fur coat collection for men and women and find the perfect luxurious and unique piece for your wardrobe. Rest assured knowing that your fur coat was meticulously crafted using only the highest quality materials. 


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