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All about Fendi fur coats

The World of Fendi

Infamous design powerhouse, Fendi, is the leading designer of the world’s most exclusive leather and fur pieces. For nearly the past century, the fashion label has consistently produced innovative and exciting designs, often incorporating fur into its creations in a way that is unique to the fashion world. Fendi has always supported the creation of innovative techniques for combining different materials into luxury pieces, resulting in beautiful, new fabrics and applications. It is this innovation paired with skilled craftmanship, that has resulted in Fendi’s luxury creations being considered world-class for decades. At Fur Caravan, this same thoughtful innovation and use of materials goes into every luxury piece that is made. Explore our beautiful line of real fur coats and discover only the highest-quality coats, jackets and vests for men and women.

Design Meets Innovation

The beauty of Fendi products can be attributed to both its allowance of forward-thinking and innovation, but also to the use of innovative methods. Fendi is a designer that has always promoted the exploration and application of new ways of creating designs, often incorporating only the highest quality leathers and furs. The result of this innovation in both design and method of production, is an entire fashion line that is coveted worldwide and known for producing the most cutting-edge pieces in the fashion world.

Fur Caravan’s approach is similar to that practiced by the artisans of Fendi, who combine luxurious materials with meticulous techniques during the construction of each article. You will notice the skilled craftsmanship and high-quality silks, furs and leathers utilized to construct each piece featured within the line of our fur coats. They all feature an exacting level of state-of-the-art fabrication methods and design. You will find a beautiful combination of classic style paired with exciting and innovative concepts, amongst our fur coat collection. Wrap yourself in both luxury and cutting-edge style when wearing any of these beautifully crafted coats.

Luxury Materials, Responsibly Sourced

As with designers such as Fendi, Fur Caravan adheres to the highest ethical standards for sourcing of the finest leathers and furs. Included in our luxury line of fur coats, you will find those crafted with the coveted pure mink fur, world sought-after Russian sable fur and exquisitely soft chinchilla fur, amongst others. Each of these furs offers its own delightful characteristics. These characteristics, including softness, warmth, length, colour and weight, are each carefully considered when being chosen for each one of our fur garments. This selection process is just one of the reasons why each piece in the collection guarantees a luxurious feel and style.

Only the purest and highest-quality materials are used to make our luxury products. We are proud to be amongst those producers and retailers who consistently procure sustainable and responsibly sourced materials of only the best quality. These high standards are evident in the impeccable details and materials of every one of our fur jackets, vests and coats for both men and women. Fur Caravan is honoured to feature responsibly-sourced furs and leathers in our line of fur coats. 

Putting It All Together

It is through the use of new techniques, such as using shaved fur, or coloured fur, that Fendi and other makers such as Fur Caravan have been able to produce gorgeous and captivating articles. Discover the richness of deep and vibrant hues within our line of fur coats, including deep emeralds, bold crimsons and rich, warm browns. Shaved furs offer a look and sheen unlike no other, which adorn many luxurious pieces. This line of fur coats offers exclusive pieces created with skilled craftsmanship and the highest quality materials, resulting in an incredible collection for men and women.

A timeless piece is the result of quality materials, thoughtful design and skilled craftsmanship whether you choose a Fendi fur coat or one of ours. All our exclusive pieces within the fur coat collection are the result of these meticulous practices.


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