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All you need to know about mink fur

Real mink fur coats provide a level of warmth, comfort, and sophistication unparalleled by any other material.

A fashion essential, unique for its warmth, comfort, and softness, and made iconic from centuries of use, mink fur is the undefeated material for making luxury coats, beautiful parkers, and elegant jackets.

Mink fur was first manufactured for its warmth and protection from the elements, but over time has become part of luxury representing wealth, refinement, and high fashion taste.

Operating with open door policies to provide scrutiny and ethical accountability, mink fur farms work to ensure a certified humane and environmentally friendly system of creating beautiful fashion.

Pelts from female minks are light, silky and soft, requiring delicate care, whilst male mink pelts are larger and more durable.

Originally favored by European royalty, mink fur has only grown in popularity over recent decades, with movie stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe sporting iconic mink coats and stoles, and the material is still favored by high-end fashion companies today.

Mink fur coat or jacket adds sophistication to any look, whether worn with a pair of blue waist high jeans and a white top of your choice to create an effortless casual style, or layered on top of a dark suit or evening dress to create a luxuriously elegant night time look.

Mink fur is also a fantastic way of enhancing other fabrics as well, being sewed into linings, interior collars, and hoods, ensuring all your clothes have the prestige and the comfort that only mink fur garment can provide.

Available in a rainbow of natural colors, from palomino gold, to scanglow brown, to pastel-cross silver, a mink coat can last for decades when stored carefully in dry, dark and cool conditions.




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