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Celebrities wearing real fur

Fur coats are very popular in the entertainment and fashion industries. A lot of celebrities, influencers, and popular people have been seen wearing a fur piece or two. Wearing fur has not only become popularized because of its timeless appeal and durability, but also because of the style it exudes. Fur has even been closely associated with the glamor of old Hollywood. But fur coats are not only seen in the past, it is very much still worn by celebrities of this era.

Why would celebrities wear fur?

One of the main reasons why fur is so popular with celebrities is because it is a classic piece that can instantly elevate a look. Celebrities like to wear it as outerwear, and we've definitely seen some famous names in some street style photos wearing a fur piece, whether it was of them coming out of a hotel they are staying in or coming out of an airport. Why would celebrities wear fur? It's just a classic look that never goes out of style. You can just look at the Fur fashion catwalk in milan ...

Do celebrities wear real fur?

Well, this question is kind of subjective and it definitely depends on the celebrity. Some celebrities have decided not to wear fur because of their beliefs or their principle. But there are also celebrities who are open to wearing fur, especially if they are vintage pieces. Aside from fur's elegant appeal, the reason why a lot of people are drawn to the material is that it is something that can actually last a lifetime. Most people are actually proud to share that some of their fur pieces were actually inherited from their parents or grandparents. The fact that vintage stores also have a lot of well-maintained fur coats attests to this. 

The Old Hollywood vibe

If you are a fan of old movies. You've probably noticed the stars wearing fur coats. A simple google image of fur coats and Old Hollywood shows you results of glamorous actresses from that era wearing the most fabulous fur coats for women. These photos are simply timeless, but so are the fashions. There is the vision of the majestic Audrey Hepburn wearing a Givenchy fur coat in the 1957 film In Love In The Afternoon. There is also a famous photo of Jean Harlow in a beautiful white fur coat from the 1930s. Of course, these were just in the films and we are not sure if both Audrey and Jean also wore fur outside of their work, but these timeless movies have definitely served as an inspiration for a lot of fur-loving fans, including ourselves.

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