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How to clean and store a Fur Coat ?

Real fur garments are a true luxury, providing unparalleled softness, warmth and style. Yet to maintain fur’s quality, it is vital to take a few steps to prolong its beauty and condition. Ensure your real fur garment remains in excellent condition for years, by following regular cleaning guidelines and by storing your garment correctly.

Storing Your Fur Garment

Proper storage of furs is important to prolonging the life of the garment. If taken care of, fur garments can last for up to 50 years or even longer. It is important to care for both the fur fibers as well as the hide, or leather, when storing your fur. Always hang your fur coat on a broad, padded hanger, to protect the integrity and shape of the shoulders. Cover your fur coat with a cotton bag, to protect it from dust. Do not use a plastic bag, as plastic will not allow the coat to breathe with regular air circulation, causing the hide to dry out and crack. Store your fur coat in a cool, dark place to help protect it from damaging light and insects, and do not crush the coat between other hanging clothes. Give it plenty of space between other garments to provide room for proper air circulation. Remember to never use moth balls near your fur garment. Storing it in the coolest place possible, and covered with a cotton bag will also help to prevent pest damage.

Simple Cleaning Steps You Can Take at Home

To ensure your fur coat can last for generations, it is important to have it cleaned by a professional furrier. There are several actions you can take at home, however, to help your fur coat maintain its longevity and long-lasting beauty. 

Shaking out your coat

Every once in a while, take your coat out and give it a good shake. Hold your coat by the shoulders and shake it several times to release the dust and debris that have gathered up over time. You may want to take your coat outside to shake it, as debris will fly in all directions.

Brushing your coat

Next, use a specially-designed fur brush, which has soft edges and widely-spaced teeth which all prevent damaging the hide whilst brushing. “Normal brushes” have teeth which are too fine, or narrow, which can damage the coat. Brush the garment in short, soft strokes from top to bottom. Brush strokes should move in the direction of the hair. Always work in one small section at a time and do not use long strokes along the fur. This can cause stretching of the garment which will damage the hide and also change the shape of the coat.

Spot treating light stains

Occasionally, you may have a small spot on your fur coat to take care of. This can be handled at home instead of by a professional furrier, if the stain isn’t too large or permanent, and if you carefully follow the proper guidelines. To treat a fresh spot, dab it with a clean cloth as soon as possible, and then use another clean, dry cloth to dab it again and draw out any moisture. Be sure not to use too much pressure when dabbing your fur, as you may damage or crush the fur fibers. Allow the fur to air-dry after spot-cleaning. Never use detergents or stain removers on your fur, which can damage both the fur and the leather, or hide, and also may leave behind stubborn odours.

Professional cleaning once a year 

Following the simple yet important steps of properly storing and caring for your fur coat will ultimately prolong the life of your real fur, providing you many years of enjoyment of your luxury garment. Beyond properly storing your real fur coat, shaking out dust and debris, and light spot treatments if needed, be sure to take your fur once yearly (ideally before storing it during the warmer months) to a professional cleaner, also called a furrier, for a proper cleaning.



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