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How to Get Musty Smell Out of a Fur Coat?

Your beautiful real fur coat adds supreme luxury to your wardrobe…but what happens when it tends to add a bad odour? Do not fret, as there are steps you can take to prevent, and eliminate, unpleasant musty odours that can develop in fur garments over time. Determining the main culprits that cause odours in the first place can assist you in preventing them from occurring.

The Main Causes of Odours in Furs

A few of the leading culprits of off-putting odour in real fur garments are moisture, dust and tobacco. Preventing these odours from occurring in the first place is your first step to keeping your real fur garment looking…and smelling…its best for years. Moisture is one leading cause of odours, so ensure your fur is stored with proper ventilation in a dry location. All furs are susceptible to moisture, but the longer and denser furs are more at risk to developing a musty smell due to moisture being held within the fur. Dust can also cause unpleasant smells over time after it settles onto the fur. Periodically shake your coat out to rid it of dust and debris, and always store your fur within a cotton garment bag. Other sources of odour such as tobacco and perfume should be avoided as well.

Simple At-Home Care to Get Musty Smell Out of a Fur Coat

To rid your beautiful fur of any unpleasant odours, there are a couple of simple actions you can take. One proven approach is to place an open bag of coffee grounds with your fur coat inside a closed garment bag. Leave the fur in the bag with the coffee grounds until the coat smells like coffee and the musty smell is entirely gone, which can take anywhere from one day to a week. Then remove your fur from the garment bag and hang it outside in the fresh air to ventilate well.

Another step you can take to eradicate odours within the fur or lining of your garment, is to dust your coat with baking soda, and then brush the baking soda into the fur fibers with a fur brush, or gently rub the baking soda onto the fabric or leather interior. Next, remove the soda from your coat by holding it from the shoulders and giving it a few gentle yet vigorous shakes.

Following either of these simple steps to eradicate musty odours from your fur, as well as proper storage in a cotton garment bag with plenty of ventilation, and a proper annual cleaning by a professional furrier, will keep your real fur coat smelling nice year-round.


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