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How to make a real fur coat ?

Fur coats offer warmth, comfort, and sophistication unparalleled by any other material. It is a fashion essential that combines both form and function in the most sophisticated way. The longstanding popularity and appreciation for real fur were born out of fur's provenance, as well as the amount of detailed craftsmanship required to craft each piece. A lot of detail is actually required in the creation of clothing with fur as a material. Here, we answer some of the most common questions related to the making of a fur coat.

Who makes furs?

Fur is often done by master furriers who must undergo years of training to be able to size, match, cut, and hand sew each piece of fur together. Fur is made a natural way. It is done by making each fur pelt unique in terms of size, patterning, as well as length.

Can fur be mass-produced?

Fur garments cannot be mass-produced, as each piece must be carefully crafted and made by hand by a highly skilled artisan. The pelts are initially purchased from the international fur auctions that take place year-round. Depending on the kind of fur, these auctions can occur in different countries, such as Russia or Denmark. Find the best real fur coats on fur caravan !

What is fur farming?

Fur farms in Europe now operate an open farm policy. This means that the farms open their manufactory to the public and let them see the welfare standards that are applied to the making of their furs. It’s an effort that was started to dispel any rumors or misinformation regarding the care that the animals receive at the factory. This is also done to show transparency when it comes to the conditions of the farms themselves that are making the fur coats. These days, fur farms are making every effort to be kinder to the planet. Mink fur, chinchilla fur, and fox pelts, which come from Denmark, Norway, and Italy, originate from fur farming. For us, supporting animal welfare associations and transparency are all very important.

How is fur treated and selected?

The treatment of fur is among the most important steps in making sure that the fur produced is of premium quality. It also helps ensure that the fur is durable, light, and soft. Manufacturers from Italy are known for some of the most advanced treatment processes. This is the reason why the fashion industry has the country as one of their main sources of furs. If you want to know how to maintain and rehydrate your fur coat you can consult our article made by our fur specialists.

How are fur garments usually designed and manufactured?

We have visited a great number of fur fabrics in different countries. With our years in the industry, we have managed to study in detail the fur fabrication and treatment of materials when it comes to the production of fur clothing. Our passion for fur has resulted in collaborations with exclusive Italian fur designers. We choose our partners based on the quality of their tailoring, the elegance, and comfort of the cut, as well the excellent working conditions that they offer. From initial sketches to the final trim, we make sure that all our fur coats are 100% handmade. Most manufacturers need at least a week and a team of four highly qualified specialists to be able to produce a fur piece of high quality.


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