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How to properly pack a fur coat for transport ?

Packing clothing is already not as easy as it sounds. But add in the fur factor and you got yourself a task. Fur clothing is made from animal fur like sable fur coats and many other types of animals fur, and while the material is known for its durability and ability to last for years, packing it involves a certain complexity. The material is delicate and proper care needs to be employed when handling and storing fur, not to mention that extra precaution needs to be considered when it is being packed for travel or transport reasons. If you planning to transport fur, here are some tips on how you can do it without damaging the material:

Choose the right package for your fur coat

Choosing the right container for your precious piece is one of the most important things to consider when transporting fur clothing. There are several types of boxes available, but the right choice will depend on the type of clothing you have and how delicate the material you think is. For accessories, find a sturdy cardboard box. If you are transporting a lynx fur coat, for example, your best bet is a wardrobe box. A wardrobe box is fitted with a hanging bar which lets you hang clothes inside a box—because it is hung, there is less chance for damage and wrinkles. Plus, it gives the moving party the ease of just taking it out and immediately hanging it to where the point of destination is.

Fold and keep it the right way

When you are packing your fur coat for transport, but opting out of using a wardrobe box and choosing to fold it in a box instead, make sure that you are folding it the right way. Knowing how to fold it in the correct manner will ensure that the piece won’t be damaged during transport. The first step is to lay it on a flat surface and turn it inside out. Then fill the sleeves with paper so as not to lose the shape of the coat. Either roll it gently or fold it with soft padding. Once inside the box, make sure that you don’t add weight to it. Fill the spaces in the box with either bubble wraps, soft clothing, or paper.

Get a professional to properly pack a fur coat

If you think that utmost care is needed for the storing and handling of your fur piece, then we suggest not to risk it and hire a professional. There are several moving services that offer special services related to packing items that are fragile. Check online if there is any shipping or moving company that offers the kind of care you need at the right price.

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