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Taking care of your fur coat at home during the Summer

There are four important steps you can take in preserving your fur coats while keeping them at home during Summer time:

  1. Check the room temperature: +12-14 Celsius is the optimal temperature range for fur storage, but any temperature under +18 is worthwhile.

  2. Check the room humidity: relative humidity should be within between 45% and 55%. It is important that the furs do not dry out. Otherwise, the natural oils contained in the pelts will evaporate more rapidly, causing the garment to dry and deteriorate faster.

  3. Keep vermin and insects out: you will find product that prevent vermin and insect to proliferate in any supermarkets or pharmacy. Alternatively, you can also use dry lavender. 

  4. Minimize exposure to U.V. lightdo not store your garments inside bags, they should have ample space around. 

Additionally, if you own Russian Sable, Mink, Racoon or Mink fur coats, exposing them on your balcony or terrace for 8 to 10 hours before the Winter season starts will rejuvenate them. 


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