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How to wear a fur coat ?

There was a time when furs were considered a status symbol. Beloved by the nobility, its use for clothing was even regulated furs from lynx, leopard, panther, and gray squirrel were only made for the elite, while everyone else had to do with less expensive materials such as wolf, fox, and sheep’s fur. These days, however, fur is much more common and you can find a fur piece at any price point. Vintage shops are some of the best places to find authentic fur coats for example, and it’s also a better or more sustainable way to get your hands on one as it is already out there in the market.

Fur clothing is beloved by many not only for its durability but also for its timeless appeal. Its style never goes out of fashion, and, contrary to popular belief, it’s not only worn for formal occasions, you can also wear it in many different styles.

How do you casually wear a fur coat?

There are many ways to wear a fur coat in a casual way. If you have a fur coat, you can wear it over a floral dress and maybe some boots if you are going for that bohemian look. If your style is more streetwear, you can also wear it over pullovers, jeans, and sneakers. If you have a fur jacket that is not so thick, you can wear it over dresses during transitional seasons such as Spring or Autumn. We think adding a fur coat as your outerwear over a casual ensemble is one of the best ways to add a hint of sophistication to your look during some of the colder seasons.

When should you wear a fur coat?

Speaking of the season, we should also talk about when you should wear a fur coat. To be honest, you can wear it anytime you want, but of course, because its main function is to keep you warm, you should only wear it during Spring, Autumn, and the Winter months. It just might be too unbearable when the weather is over 13 degrees celsius. In terms of the time of day, you can wear a fur coat any time of the day as long as it is during the cold seasons. One thing to think about though when planning to wear a fur coat is the weather. Getting your fur coat wet might damage it, so we do suggest checking your weather app.

Can you wear a fur coat every day?

There are no rules as to whether you can wear fur every day. But because of its durability, it is actually made to be worn every day in the colder months of the year. So if you wish to add a bit of elegance to your look, then we definitely suggest going for a fur coat, and mink fur coats for women, it gives more elegance with his slim fur.

Can vegans wear fur?

Vegans are not just abstaining from animal products when it comes to lifestyle. For many, being a vegan is a lifestyle. That is why a lot of vegans or even vegetarians try to shy away from wearing real fur. There are some vegans though who are much more open to wearing fur or even leather, but only if it is vintage. With new innovations, however, there is now animal-free fur clothing is made available on the market. These pieces are often made from plant-based or recycled materials in the form of fiber or polyester that mimics how a real fur looks. A lot of fashion, which has sustainability as one of their core values, have already adopted it into their collections. It’s certainly the more ethical route to wear, and the best choice for vegans looking for an eco-friendly fur clothing alternative. You can find our dedicated article if you want to differentiate a fake fur from a real one !

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