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Russian sable fur through the centuries

Sables' fur, particularly those local to forest regions in Russia and Eastern Europe, is considered one of the highest-prized luxury materials in the world. The prize material was worn by high ranking figures such as Russian Diplomats, Byzantine Priests and English Kings.

Sable fur has been incorporated into contemporary garments, decorating sleeves, collars and linings of a variety of jackets, coats and vests. And of course, you can still get coats of 100% sable fur, which are some of the most luxurious examples of outerwear you can wear.

Russian sable fur coat

Sable fur is best known for its silky texture, with a soft and smooth surface that ensures high levels of comfort when adapted into any item of clothing. It is also incredibly light, which ensures a comfortable fitting, and provides a great deal of warmth, making it the perfect for coats and jackets when the weather is cold outside.

Russian sable is also known for its distinctive dark brown shades, which can be illuminated by beautiful silver streaks running through.

The material can be dyed in order to produce bespoke colours of your choice or combined with others such as Loro Piano cashemer or premium silk to increase a coat or jacket durability and comfort.

When properly maintained in dry, cool and dark storage locations during non-use, this is a material that will last decades, thanks to its strong durability.

An investment sure to pay off.


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