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What is the Most Expensive Fur?

Fur is known around the world for being highly prized and also extremely expensive, due to its provenance and desirability. So, what is the most expensive fur ?

Top 3 most expensive furs

The top three most expensive and coveted furs around the globe are sable, lynx and chinchilla. Each of these furs possess characteristics that make them unique, extremely luxurious and highly sought-after.


Lynx fur has been a long-standing favourite among the rich and famous due to its dramatic appeal and also to its association with high status and wealth. The longer the length of this beautiful and soft fur, the more dramatic the look, explaining why many see celebrities sporting these coats at spotlight events. Lynx fur coats are extremely hard to produce, because only the belly part of the Lynx is used for its white colour, and skins are assembled like a puzzle. This explains, together with the protected and limited hunting, why Lynx fur has been the most expensive fur for decades. Both seductive and durable, lynx fur is highly desirable and has served as a timeless centerpiece in the world of luxury fashion around the globe.

Russian Sable

A favourite among royalty for centuries, sable fur is exquisitely soft and warm. Russian sable fur has a wonderful sheen and silky texture, making it one of the most sought-after furs in history. In fact, the most expensive fur coat ever sold was a Russian sable fur coat designed by Karl Lagerfeld and sold in 2015 for one million euros. In addition to its wonderful warmth and texture, sable fur also has a leather that is easy to work with and is quite resistant, making it a preferred luxury fur to work with among top fur designers.


Known for its quintessential slate-blue grey colour, chinchilla fur is one of the most prized and expensive furs in the world. One glance at a coat made with chinchilla fur, and it is obvious the piece was made of this superbly soft and warm fur, with its unique colour and look. Chinchilla fur is exquisitely soft and incredibly warm, due to its extremely high density of hair fibers. Beautiful chinchilla garments are worn by those of elite social status around the world. The high quality of chinchilla pelts, in addition to its popularity, make chinchilla one of the most sought-after and expensive furs in the world.

Why are Fur Coats So Expensive?

There is no question that real fur coats are some of the most expensive items on the global market. Have you ever wondered why these garments are so expensive? There are several reasons why real fur is such a coveted and valuable material in the fashion world. Fur is created naturally, making each fur pelt unique in terms of size, patterning, length and so on. Master furriers must undergo years of training to master the skills required, to size, match, cut and hand sew each piece of fur together, to create a beautiful final piece. Fur garments cannot be mass-produced, as each piece must be carefully crafted and made by hand by a highly skilled artisan. The everlasting popularity and appreciation of real fur comes from fur's provenance, and the amount of work and detailed craftsmanship required to create each and every piece.

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  3. Gorgeous soft beige hues and a stylish belt give our €18.900 chinchilla fur vest an irresistible allure. A veritable fashion statement made of the coveted chinchilla fur.
  4. Our €17.700 luxury denim jacket with cuffs, collar and lining of gorgeous lynx fur truly sets off any wardrobe with a dramatic tone.
  5. Revel in the luxury and elegance of our €18.600 women’s Russian sable fur jacket. Slim-waisted with a scoop neckline collar, this jacket is lightweight yet extremely warm.

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