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Zoom Men's Sable Fur Jacket exclusive Barguzin sable
Zoom Russian Barguzin Sable Jacket
Zoom Russian Barguzin Sable Jacket

Men's Sable Fur Jacket exclusive Barguzin sable

Size (Italian)

A dark and mysterious mascluine jacket made from the finest Russian sable fur for a look that is authoritative and powerful.

 This distinctive men’s jacket is made from premium Sable fur, one of the finest and most luxurious materials available today.

In a pattern that is distinctive and reminiscent of classic bomber jackets, this jacket is best worn with contrasting light shades of blue and grey. It’s dark brown shade draws the eye in and enhances the colours and features of the rest of your ensemble.

Designed and produced by expert Italian tailors, this jacket features a classic windsor spread collar, contemporary vertical tailoring, fine leather detailing and a lining of premium organic silk for extra comfortability and luxury.
Sable fur (Martes Zibelina) is the finest, lightest, most luxurious and expensive fur available on the market. The best sable furs originate from the Barguzin Valley in Siberia.

Length 60 cm
Colour Brown
Windsor spread collar
Sleeves Full
Lining Silk lining


Certification: Sojuzpushnina (Russian Federation)




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