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New favourite fashion style of the winter season.

Time to emerge in your own winter wonderland, with this soft, warm, and utterly comfortable Jeans and fur garments

With a look that’s not only stylish but bold and sporty, combine the iconic denim with real fur the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your day to day outfits.

The combinations of blue and different fur colours add this vest a beautifully distinct look that is easy to pair with all your favourite casual outfits. Real fur provides a level of warmth, comfort, and sophistication unparalleled by any other material.

In this collection we combine the classical models of jeans jackets and vest with the most sophisticates' furs 

Russian sable and jeans jacket looks distinguished and unique due to its soft texture and alluring colour.

Jeans jacket with green fox fur which provides a mesmerising depth of colour and a simple degree of elegance to your daytime ensemble.

This Denim and light blue mink vest, with its high-quality Danish fur and contemporary Italian design, is guaranteed to enhance your wardrobe and provide a layer of style and prestige over anything you wear.

Fur Caravan begin this winter season with Capsule collection with combine our preferred furs with blue jeans.


Fur Caravan supports animal welfare associations and transparency. Premium quality Fur Caravan furs are purchased at annual fur auctions as well as at European farms which enforce strict welfare standards. 


"By the '50s, wearing denim was often associated with juvenile delinquency," Panek said. "Jeans were even banned in some schools, and denim became the nonconformists' uniform of choice." From James Dean's iconic denim-jacket clad character in Rebel Without a Cause in the '50s to Rihanna's deconstructed versions today, jean jackets buck convention, express individuality, and epitomize anti-establishment cool.



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